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The World of Bird Studio - DB+CT+dr slump crossover
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I am re-uploading this. After theotaku's been switched to vibrant version, the pages seems to be all screwed up , editing not working, deleting pages not working, and size got messed up to the point some pages were un-readable and it didn't help re-uploading those pages.

For people who's reading this manga for the first time:
This is a chrono trigger + AU dragonball + AU dr. slump crossover stand alone doujinshi series. The connection you ask? They are all drawn by Akira Toriyama.
This doujinshi combines comedy and action , hoping to keep you entertained. =)

Settings are based on Chrono trigger, the story starts off where they are starting to go to different time periods right before they fight Lavos, but don't worry, even if you haven't touched any of the series, you will be able to understand the story.
While the settings are based on Chrono trigger, it's an AU for Dragonball and Dr. slump
The meaning of AU
I am pretty much just using the same face and personality of DB and dr slump characters, but changed most of their settings, goal, and world. So example, the turtle hermit will be a sage in my manga, and Arale is made by Bulma ,instead of Dr.slump.

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