Rosie Chan Lets get a better variety of wallpapers!

So I was looking for some iphone/ipad wallpapers and everytime I typed something in, there were maybe 3 or 4 options for each subject. So in order to add some more wallpapers to those subjects that don't have a lot, I decided to create a challenge.

Goal: Create a iphone or ipad wallpaper for anime/manga's that don't have a lot of wallpapers already created for them.

-Must have 25 submissions or less for a category (Common sense: Animes/manga that aren't as popular will most likely not have a lot of submissions)
-Source as much as possible (Photo, scan, textures, etc)
-Put the tag: Magic (Just to make sure you bothered reading the rules.)
-It does not have to be dedicated to me
-No limits on submissions although only one can win
-Can be iphone (lock screen or home screen) or ipad wallpaper

1st...Wallpaper dedication and gift
2nd...Iphone wallpaper dedication and gift
3rd...Ecard dedication and gift

Judging: Me and Black Kiss
Time limit: One month

Also, a gift will be awarded to honorary mentions

Thank you, Good luck :D

-1st Place: Magiccomestolife-Night and Day (Touhou)
-2nd Place: BabyD-Futuristic Lover (Chobits)
-3rd Place: Luicifers Wife-Love means (Yami No Matsuei)

Message me your requests for the prizes.

Honorable Mentions:
-Kita Mikichi

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Challenge completed
Night and Day ~MagicComesToLife
[Futuristic Lover] ~BabyD
Love means ~luicifers wife
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