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Gifts : thanks for subb. me ^-^ SuperAnimegirl33: Thank you! Kami-chan.x3: Thank you!! <3 *huggles* Snowzi: Thank you! ^_^ 21Emmz12: Happy Valentine's Day!! :D HimeHana: Be Inspired!!! HimeHana: Be Inspired!!! HimeHana: I scream for Ice cream! HimeHana: ~Roses are Red~ Violets are Blue~ HimeHana: OMG!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! HimeHana: Wassup!!!! HimeHana: Happy Belated Birthday!!! (=^.^=) SuperAnimegirl33: Happy be-lated birthday to you! :D TB akabane-chan: ^^ Happy B-day Kazamas-Keyblade: Happy Birthday (Belated, sorry) vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday! (=^.^=) 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =^D Katherine Talbot: Happy B-Day! : Happy Birthday! Have a great one! ^^ ItachiSasuke: Happy Birthday! Best wishes to you~ =D SaxGirl: Happy birthday!^____^ *hugs* HametsuKuro: *glomps* tanjobi omedeto!!!! <3 DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday to an awesome friend! :D BabyD: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^__^ ElfDuchess: Happy Holidays, hope you have fun. Katherine Talbot: Happy Holidays! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas! Best wishes to you~! :D Kitty K.O.: Happy Holidays~! =D Hope they'll be fun! LunaInverse: Happy Holidays!! <3 Be happy!! DistantStar: Merry early X-mas!! :) Party lots<333 Kitty K.O.: Happy Turkey Day~! vampirehitsugaya: Happy Happy Turkey Day!!! (=^.^=) ElfDuchess: Thanks for your entry in my challenge Morbid Dollie: Happy Halloween! <3 vampirehitsugaya: Happy Halloween! NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^__^ Kazamas-Keyblade: Just 'cuz : Hey! vampirehitsugaya: Thanks entering in my challenge! : ur welcome :) Kitty K.O.: You're gonna need to keep cool, yo! XD unknowndoll: thanks for subscribe . love your art : Thank you for the Gift! ^^ Morbid Dollie: For our love of Zack! >8D reichiinya: Happy Easter! Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!! Hope it's great!!! vampirehitsugaya: You really "rose" to the occasion, huh? Xenesis: Happy V-Day to you too! |DD SuperAnimegirl33: (V-day) <3 Trinity Blood : And cause I love your artworks! ^^ : Cause your an Awesome friend! XD : Thanks for joining my challenge! ^^ SuperAnimegirl33: Trinity Blood Forever! :D 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! =^D Ero Kagy: Happy Birthday To You Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ =^_^= Kazamas-Keyblade: Haps 2 U HametsuKuro: Happy Birthday!!! DeathSeraph: happy birthday! have an awesome one! TheDarkAngel: Happeh Birfday~! Make a wish~! :D MangaKid: Happy B-day!*starts celebrating*^^ vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB-CHAN!!!!! XD ravenmadison1994: Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!!! ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! C; ravenmadison1994: thank you for the sub. ^_^ Hanako Sho: Happy Holidays,I wish all the best :3 DistantStar: Happy New Years, good luck in 2012! vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! Gifties!!! tsubasachro: Merry X-Mas!!!! ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & all the best in 2012~! vampirehitsugaya: Happy Holidays! Your present is pocky!! Blood Huntress: WATCH OUT! It's a Cyril in a box!!!! DD: Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas, Zack xD Blood Huntress: EAT PRUSSIA'S CHICK FOR ITS HEART. <3333 Xenesis: Yeaah |D Wassap bro??? Kitty K.O.: Thank U 4 the rose, BB-chan =3 : Thanks for the gift! (>w<)/ phantomgirl21: Happy Thanksgiving to you Drink Blood! vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!! here's a piggy! reichiinya: Happy Halloween! tsubasachro: Some candy for Halloween! XD : Jack-O-Lantern ItachiSasuke: Why, you're quite welcome ^_^ ~<3 phantomgirl21: Yes YOU do that and I'll take Osi-baby!! phantomgirl21: Bow and Arrow huh?! GAME ON! Bwahahaha!! phantomgirl21: Europh will make it through this!! phantomgirl21: You Can't Save Him Bwahahahahaha!!!! Blood Huntress: Cyril: *noms choclate bunny Cyan* Yum~<3 XkeyofdestinyX: anytime!~ *its me sleepinglionheart* Blood Huntress: AWESOME BUNNY OF EPICOSITY! JapaneseTeddyBear: Thank you! :D : thanks for the gift phantomgirl21: Dearest darling, a panda for you Blood Huntress: GOOD IVE BEEN WONDERING WHAT HAPPENED 2U 21Emmz12: RANDOM GIFT! =^D reichiinya: Happy Easter! ecnelisterger: ^^ Happy Easter~~~ : Happy Easter! Ilovebadboys: Happy Easter!!!!!!!~^-^ Morbid Dollie: Enjoy the chocolate~~ Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!! Blood Huntress: A bloody rose for my bloody valentine <3 phantomgirl21: I'm adding you to the cart sexy beast XD Kitty K.O.: Happy Valentine's Day =3 phantomgirl21: To my bewitchling Winner!! Ilovebadboys: *GLOMP* Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!~^o^ Ero Kagy: Happy Birthday To You ecnelisterger: Happy Birthday! phantomgirl21: HAPPY BLOODY BIRTHDAY BB CHAN!!! HametsuKuro: Tanjobi Omedeto! ^-^ Hanaro Souhi: Happy Birthday!~ ^ w ^ : Happy Birthday~! ^^ reichiinya: Happy Birthday! AnnaKanda: happy birthday! XD LunaInverse: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a nice day <3 DeathSeraph: happy birthday!! >w< : happy bday!! =) : Happy Birthday~!!! ^^ BabyD: Happy Birthday!!! ^__^ vdr-07: happy B-day :)!! inZhani: happy birthday, Be! <3 Kiiika: Happy Birthday my friend... *-* Apocalypse92: Happy Birthday n.n 21Emmz12: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOOD~!! =^D Quiet Noise: Happy  b-day my friend! ^^ have a cookie Xiu: Happy Birthday !!! : all the best for 2011!!thanx <3 Kiiika: happy new year 2u2 my friend... ^^ vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! phantomgirl21: Happy New Year Hyde's Bloody Mistress!!! Kitty K.O.: Have a Very Happy New Year! =D Blood Huntress: This shall be the year we conquer!!! >:] Xiu: Happy New Year Year ! ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D phantomgirl21: Happy Holidays dearest bloody one! ecnelisterger: It's ok~ XD Blood Huntress: Pretend Cyril is feeding this 2 Cyan >;D Ilovebadboys: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! 2010 Xiu: merry christmas !! Murder Princess: merry christmas ^^ Morbid Dollie: I LOVE YA BUDDY! X3 Morbid Dollie: HAPPY HOLIDAYS BB-CHAN!!!! Quiet Noise: I wish u Happy Holidays my friend! ^^ : Happy Holidays~!~! ^^ 2010 AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! Blood Mistress : Merry Christmas :D xdaisyx: Merry Christmas :3 Kiiika: Happy Holidays... *-* ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion~ XD phantomgirl21: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Kitty K.O.: Thanks! =D Happy Thanksgiving~! vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY THANXGIVING!!!! Blood Huntress: Happy Turkey Day XD *Squeaky Clean* Blood Huntress: And then bake them into a delicious pie. Blood Huntress: Shoot down a virgin for fresh blood >:} RSRKingdomStars: Thankful 4 amazing ppl like you<3 phantomgirl21: The story Rocked-ed Man!! Morbid Dollie: Enjoy! Thanks for participating! X3 Morbid Dollie: You like dark things, right? xD Morbid Dollie: Your entry was epic! X3 Morbid Dollie: Hope you like pandas -3- Morbid Dollie: Love ya BB-chan! X3 Morbid Dollie: For winning Second-runner-up! :D AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! XD : ~~! Happy Halloween !~~ ShiningHime: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :3 Quiet Noise: have a happy Halloween *muhahaha*... Morbid Dollie: Happy Halloween! akabane-chan: ���/ Happy Halloween ��� ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!!! XD : Always keep on writing~ Morbid Dollie: Sweet gift! Here, have my heart, too! <3 phantomgirl21: Thanks Man Means a lot!!!!! Morbid Dollie: LOVE YOU BB-CHABN!!! Morbid Dollie: I miiiis you BB-chan! Blood Mistress : � for being so epicly awesome � : For all your special notes~ : Thanks for participating! ^o^ Morbid Dollie: For you cuz you is awesome ^o^ 1dev13: Thank you for all the nice comments! ^-^ phantomgirl21: a gift surprise! Thanks for doing it! : cupcake 4 u �0�!! ecnelisterger: thanks for the subs~ : Thanks for joining my challenge!! ^_^ phantomgirl21: Hmm Blood! Happy 4th VvvV Kitty K.O.: Happy 4th with a BANG!! XD lol vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! phantomgirl21: Hmm maybe Jhansi's in this one... :) : Chocolate pocky for you :) vampirehitsugaya: and 4 u my pretty...HALLOWEEN N JUNE!!!! : A puppy dog for you~ Morbid Dollie: I love you BB-CHAN!!!!!!! Blood Huntress: You did eet! Let the celerbration begin! phantomgirl21: congrats to you my dear!! Blood Huntress: Here are many smexy bishie for easter <3 phantomgirl21: NOW YOU MAKE A GUESS!! Blood Huntress: And may the blood & vamps flock to you Blood Huntress: Happy Saint Paddy's Day! *bites* phantomgirl21: Have you had your daily blood today hmm? Blood Huntress: I'll only be yours if you'll be mine >:D vampirehitsugaya: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Shadweh: Happy Valentine's Day! X3 HelloKatty: you stole my heart! happy love-day!! X3 uzumakixhinata: Happy Valentines Day to you too!!! cresendo pianist: i just love panda...don't you??? : Happy St. Valentines Beloved-Chan! Quiet Noise: Kawaii *laughs* okay, that's so sweet... Morbid Dollie: Sure thing, sweetie!! ;3 Kitty K.O.: Here you go, Valentine! =3 : Thanks 4 taking part in my challenge! ^^ : A Lovely Rose for a Lovely Lady~ vampirehitsugaya: Happy b-day!!! XDais: happy belated birthday x3 Ilovebadboys: Happy Birthday!!!!!~~^o^ uzumakixhinata: happy birthday my beloved friend!!aww, c killua2512: [Happy Birthday!!!] killua2512: Sweetie!!! Here a panda's hug back 4 u!! killua2512: Darlin' !! Here a little puppy for u!! killua2512: sweetheart! my sweetie! Happy birthday!! killua2512: hun! hi hun!! Happy Birthday, hun!!! 21Emmz12: OINK! HAPPY B-DAY!!!! xD Chibi Grimmjow: Happy Birthday >w< Quiet Noise: Happy b-day! yammy cake ^___^ HametsuKuro: Happy Birthday! Blood Huntress: Your b-day present is a sadistic bow! ^^ Kiiika: Happy Birthday!!! (^.^) Kiiika: Happy Birthday!!! (^.^) touketsusharingan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D : HAPPY B-DAY!!!!! aoi bara: happy birthday!! *hugs u* aoi bara: happy birthday!! *hugs u* aoi bara: happy birthday!! *hugs u* ulterego333: Happy Birthday ^_^ : hehe Kitty K.O.: Happy New Year, BB-chan! =D Kiiika: Happy New Year! (^.^) Quiet Noise: Happy New Year !! ^____^  *hugs* VampireBat12: happy new year!!! loves ya!! XP Chibi Grimmjow: Happy New Year xD Shadweh: Happy New Year! XD Ilovebadboys: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Ilovebadboys: Merry Xmas!Here's a*naughty* gift 4 you! : TY!...heheh ^^ : Happy New Year!! : Happy holidays.... Again ^^ imouto chan: Thank you~ You're too kind! DeathSeraph: thank you! happy holiday to you too! :3 Deaths Strawberry: Happy Holidays back! --smile-- Gravitationluv11: Happy Holidays to you too! ^_^ Shottayouth13: thx, happy holidays to you too ^_^ : Happy holiday 4 u too... winterlionheart: thanks ^^ Happy Holidays also ^^ Support KIRA: Happy Holidays!!! PANDA! Okami13: Merry late Christmas! :D somegirl: Thank you ^_^ merry merry Christmas! VampireBat12: merry(late) christmas to you too!! XP Umeda Isao: Happy Holidays!!! :D touketsusharingan: merry christmas < :o3 RSRKingdomStars: HUGS! X3 Thx 4 being amazing<3 ily :D : ^^ Merry Xmas! vampirehitsugaya: Merry Christmas!!!! Morbid Dollie: Happy Holidays!!! :D uzumakixhinata: meri x-mas!I'm late but thanks really!! HelloKatty: Merry Xmas!! Love ya girl!! <3 Kiiika: Merry X-mas... (^.^) Blood Huntress: Merry Christmas to thee fair BB-Chan >:D kukki-chan: happy holidays =D LunaInverse: MERRY X-MAS and Happy New Year <3 Quiet Noise: Merry X-Mas my friend! enjoy the Holiday ulterego333: Merry Christmas! <(^.^<) aoi bara: ^_^ killua2512: Merry Xmas to you, my beloved!! XD killua2512: *HUGS YA TIGHT* vampirehitsugaya: here's a banana 4 u Megumi Otori: thank you!!! =3 AnimeGal816: thanx for participating! HelloKatty: For being awsome!! ur the best!!  :D vampirehitsugaya: HIT YOUR NICK UP FOR SOME RAMEN!!! Blood Huntress: light to protect me from darker darkness Ilovebadboys: For my new friend!!!!!!!~^-^ : From a writers 2nd account (Hi!) : Cuz your friggin cool & fun to talk to!! Blood Huntress: For the fellow Vamp >:D Kasbaarg: Hehe HelloKatty: for my best friend!!! ur art rocks!!!XD
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