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Gifts Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Immortal-sama!!! Sakaira: Happy Birthday LightFykki: Happy birthday! May your wishes come tru Sakaira: Happy birthday Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Immortal-sama! superstarpanou: Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend~!:D SuitLi: Thank you for the sub. Allie Elric: Happy late birthday!(�(��ิ౪�ิ�)�)� izsah: Happy Birthday~ Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday your Immortal-ness!! Lucy77: Happy birthday!^^ Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!!! Sakaira: Happy birthday touketsusharingan: Happy birthday :) lucilight: thanks for the subs back (: SuitLea: Hi  ! Enigmatic Turk: Happy Belated Birthday! :D Karisan: Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!^^ Bleachic: Happy Birthday!!! ^u^d Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! FrozenFlameHearts: Happy Birthday Deena! :) fuko chan: Happy birthday!!! :) : Happy b'day Allie Elric: Happy birthday! touketsusharingan: happy birthday deehee :3 Lucy77: Happy birthday! :) Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Saya Kyoichii: Happy Birthday superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Kaagemusha: Happy Birthday Queen-chan! superstarpanou: Happy Valentine's Day, deary! Love you~! superstarpanou: Been missing you this year~ Love you! xD Karisan: Wish U a wonderful New Year Deena! Enigmatic Turk: Merry Christmas! =D touketsusharingan: merry christmas deeh :) Go Pikachu Cat: Have a great day :3 Bleachic: Happy Birthday, Deena~X<3 ^u^d akatsuki15: Thanks for the b-day present! : Hey! Bleachic: SMILE! ~x<33333 Go Pikachu Cat: ^_^ good morning!! elricbrothersfan: Thanks for subscribing! somegirl: Thankies love :D <3 Black Lamb: Sorry I missed your BD. ItachiSasuke: Happy Belated Birthday~! <3 Kami-chan.x3: Happy Belated Birthday!! *huggles* sasusaku 4ever: Happy very belated birthday ^^ : Happy Birthday! hope you had a great one : happy birthday! Have a fantastic one! :D Enigmatic Turk: Happy Birthday! :D Hope it was great! Allie Elric: Happy birthday *॰�ॱ������ཻั��ͫ�̴&agr Ice Knight: Sorry I was kind of late :( Ice Knight: Happy birthday ^^ Amestar: Happy Birthday Deeeee lunastarz: Happy Birthday Immo <3333333333333333333 Lucy77: Happy birthday! :) ChaosValentine: Have a wonderful birthday *smiles* Sakaira: Happy Birthday :) Markus Creed: Happy Birthday sis!!!!! superstarpanou: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEENAAAAAA! <33333333333 Moka: go be a pig on you birthday (jkjk) Aria Sky: Happy birthday! ^^ Starscream: Happy b-day Saya Kyoichii: Happy Birthday fuko chan: Happy birthday!! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRTHDAY DEENA!!! :D BabyD: Cheers! Happy Birthday! ;D RayMan87: happy b day you...:P LightFykki: Happy birthday! ^__^ Karisan: Wish U a wonderful Birthday!!!^^ touketsusharingan: happy birthday deehee :) Knowmad: Birthday Ramen! Lets go have some! :D superstarpanou: It's been so long since we've talked~ D: Aria Sky: Thank you so much! :D : Thank you for having the contest :D <3 Karisan: Wish you a very Happy Easter!! ItachiSasuke: Happy Easter My Friend~<3   <(^__^)> : for nostalgia I'll shoot you in the eye reichiinya: Thank you so much for the gift! LGA775: aww thanks for the Subscription back..^^ cazzmataz: Thanks for subbing :) Angel Satina: Happy V-day to you  Deena!! :* ChaosValentine: A happy Valentine's Day Alucard: A kitty for my forever love..... BabyD: Happy Valentines Day!! X3 superstarpanou: Happy Valentine's Day to you, Deeeee~ <3 Hanako Sho: Happy Valentine's to you too <3 omnia1: Have a grat Valentines day ^_^ Knowmad: ANACONDA SQUEEZE!!! >:o Happy � Day :] alexea arescia: Happy Valentines Day! Starscream: Happy naked flying baby day! Saya Kyoichii: Happy Valentine's Day dyanaanime: Happy Valentine's~ : Happy valentines day Deena <3 Sukikisu: Happy Valentine's Day! Bleachic: Happy V-day to you too, Deena! ~X<3 Mocha chan: Happy Valentine's!!! infinatelove42: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Ice Knight: Happy New Year's. ^__^ Kami-chan.x3: Happy New Years!! Enigmatic Turk: Happy New Year! :D Karisan: Wishin U a wonderful New Year too!!!^^ nirvana donut: thank you! happy new year 2012! Karisan: Wishing you very Happy Holidays!! : Merry Decorated Dead Tree Day! :D superstarpanou: Merry Christmas! <3333 : Happy Holidays~! :D Ice Knight: Merry Christmas Markus Creed: Merry Christmas Dee! Eats lots of candy! Alucard: Merry Christmas my darling <3 Black Lamb: A Blessed and Merry Christmas my friend! dyanaanime: Merry Christmas, Deena ^ ^ : here's your cookie :P pandabearluv: theres no cat so i got you a rabbit Alucard: Because u look cute in hats <3 superstarpanou: A Dee-o-lantern for you! Hpy Halloween~! : Happy Halloween to you too. : Happy Halloween!! ^^ dyanaanime: Happy Halloween! TimeWithoutEnd: thank you so much! :D : thanks for the gift ^^ Kami-chan.x3: RAMEN DAY!! ~ ... random. Angel Satina: Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!^w^ ItachiSasuke: Happy belated birthday! >.< Silver Darkness: A token for a lovely Queen : HAPPY B-DAY LightFykki: Happy birthday!!!!! ^__^ EverybodysFool: Happy Be-lated Birthday! Knowmad: Happy Birthday Again! :D.....  :[ Knowmad: Happy Birthday Deena!!! Hope is was boss Support KIRA: Happy Birthday!!! <33 Hope it was great! Black Lamb: Happy Birthday my friend! lunastarz: Happy Birthday!  Best Wishes on Your Day Markus Creed: Happy Birthday sis!!!! Miracle Star19: HAPPEH BIRFDAY DEENA!!! :DDD Alucard: Happy Birthday my love <3 touketsusharingan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :3 Amestar: Happy Birthday Dee <3 : Happy Birthday! have a great one! ^_^ : Happy birthday. Enjoy your axe. Allie Elric: happy birthday! =] Karisan: Have wonderful Birthday!!!^__^ Hanako Sho: Happy Birthday! ^_^ Make a wish :3 Kimi Sihu: Happy birthday! ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! Felix the Cat: Happy Birthday, Queenie. sakurasista: Happy birthday Deena! :D alexea arescia: Happy special day to you Immortal Queen : happy birthday Deena! :D hav a great one superstarpanou: All the cake for you, Dee~ Happy Bday~~! : also, MOAR cake! : and teh sword <3 : here is teh axe Akia Aoi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEENA!!! HAVE FUN!!! : Make sure to pummel Mr. Postman Happy B~ sasusaku 4ever: Happy B-Day, no card but a cookeh <3 :D : Thanks for subbing me! ^_^ : much love big sister <3 Alucard: I love you <3 Alucard: A rose for my rose.....<3 akatsuki15: Thank you for the gift! bunasaur: thanks for the sub ^^ Knowmad: For a Queen worthy of a thousand more! Knowmad: Thanks for being such a great friend! :] Alucard: You can has Kitteh <3 superstarpanou: Tis will temporarily cure ur cake crave~ : Happy Easter~ : happy easter!! don't have too much :P Elix3r: OMG, Walter! 83 sasusaku 4ever: Happy Easter!!! ^^ Elix3r: Bite it's head off >=D Elix3r: Here's number 1 to start our hunt!!! moletta: Happy Zombie Jesus Day! Blue Latte: Happy Easter!! :D Morbid Dollie: Enjoy the chocolate~~ Morbid Dollie: Happy Easter!!! ecnelisterger: Happy Easter!!!! Linden Rathan: Happy Easter Deena~ Darkness Lord: Can I hears a Kitteh inside? <3 Karisan: Happy Easter to You too!!!^___^ Alucard: Easter Cuppy Cakey for you <3 ashio: Happy Easter!!! :D mewberry13: Ty 4 da gift. ^^ ur an awsome friend sakurasista: happy easter! :D inufluffy12: Happy Easter to you too! >:D Heh. Brick. superstarpanou: There should be a cinnamon roll icon...! LightFykki: Thanks! I really appreciate it! :D Alucard: Happy Valentines Day my love <3 Miracle Star19: HAPPEH V-DAY!!! =3 ChaosValentine: Happy Valentine's day... Elix3r: A rose for my Queen on Valentines Day Darkness Lord: For you my love <3 Alucard: This should help your sweet tooth....... Darkness Lord: Quick...before your kitteh eats it <3 Alucard: I know you can use this........*smiles* Darkness Lord: You know why these are special to me <3 Darkness Lord: For the most talented artist I know <3 Alucard: Welcome to immortality your highness.... SarahPatricia: May 2011 be a wondrous year! ecnelisterger: All the best for 2011~ :D ashio: All the Best for 2011 Darkness Lord: A box of hope for an awesome New Year <3 KrondorianV: Hope u'll have a Happy New Year! Moofins: Have a great beginning to a New Year ^-^ Support KIRA: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! <3 Miracle Star19: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D Darkness Lord: Your favourite om nom noms <3 KrondorianV: Merry X-mass and  a Happy New Year!!! : happy snowy winter sasusaku 4ever: Have a great Christmas :)) Morbid Dollie: Hope they're wonderful! Morbid Dollie: Happy Holidays! Black Lamb: Merry Christmas my friend! : Happy Holidays LightFykki: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! narutofangirl8: thank you for the gift, a flower for you Darkness Lord: Merry Christmas my Queen of Ice <3 FrozenFlameHearts: Happy Holidays Deena! :D Felix the Cat: Meri kurisumasu~ AnnaKanda: Happy Holidays! Darkness Lord: From your humble servant and protector.. Karisan: Wish you also Happy Holidays!!! dyanaanime: Merry Christmas, Deena! :3 7thEvaChild: Merry Christmas!!! : Happy Holidays~ : Have a very merry Christmas too FrozenRoze: Thank you and happy Christmas ^^ Kimi Sihu: Happy Holidays Darkness Lord: Merry Christmas Sweetheart <3 : A gift to my Queen. Our enemies' spleen. : A Merry Christmas to my Queen, Deena. <3 Ice Knight: Have a merry Christmas too ^__^ Zennyxchan: You have a wonderful Christmas too :) Kasbaarg: Merry Christmas to you too Kurihara Akane: Thank you for ur nice greeting ^_^ : merry christmas :D Blood Mistress : Merry Christmas :D Knowmad: Happy Christmas Deena! FromDamonDog:] Satina: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ^__^ ItachiSasuke: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! :) ecnelisterger: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Yakumo Star17: thanks for the sub ^_^ : A cute kitten for a wonderful friend. :3 NoirAngel: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^_^ superstarpanou: For being epically awesome~~ ^_^ ecnelisterger: Congrats for the promotion~ XD : thnx for the gift.. ^^ : u r welcome! pawprint96: RANDOM GIFT FOR THE WIN!! O3O Markus Creed: Get better soon sis!!! : Some ice cream for ice queen's recovery : You just got brick'd by Linku-kun XD : enjoy : :shoots you in the eye with an arrow FrozenRoze: Thank you for the cool flower ^^ AnnaKanda: Thanks for the sub~! XD fatt boii: thnx 4 the gift :D Felix the Cat: I like cookies. ecnelisterger: Happy Halloween!!! XD Kokorojun: Happy Halloween : Happy Halloween! moletta: This is Halloween, Halloween! sasusaku 4ever: Happy Hallows to you too o3o ashio: happy halloween! have a spooktastic day! firefox360: you get pawky for subbing :D : I will always take care of it, and you � : congratulations on 1st place :D : thanks for chatting with me : Yay! Birthday Cake! XD Ice Knight: Hope you have a great week too thanks :) : Stay Happy, Queen! Bleachic: Thanks for the sub back!  *^^* xxNoExistencexx: For My Queen! x3 : if your hungry i have extra mewberry13: Ty ^^ : hello best theo friend YamiHita: thanks Dee, I'm alrady feeling better YamiHita: thanks Dee TimeWithoutEnd: thanks a lot 4 d sub =) : Celldweller love~ TheTreeNinja: <3 <3 : nice to meet you XD : happy b day : HAPPY BIRTHDAY OL' LADY RickHunter33: Happy Birthday Ajan 1: heres a nxt hello kitty cake lol  hbday Moofins: tee hee~ Happy Birthday! Moon Eye Lord: Happy Birthday, take the day off. Greediousone: Happy Birthday Greediousone: Happy Birthday morbo86: U know y I sent u a banana on your Bday Namie Kamikaze: Happy Birthday ^^ Knowmad: Happy Bday Deena! IceCream 4 Icequeen :) Dua Saeed: <<Happy Birthday>> sis...^^ Heartstop: A gift frm me,Hidan n alucard!HappyBday! : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! <3 the midget ninja Markus Creed: Happy Birthday Deena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nomad: From b-day Panda Starscream: It's 10 past midnight, so Happy Birthday Dua Saeed: Thanks sis ^^ Elix3r: A journal for you to write in :D Puppet Mistress: Good times in the Akatsuki, bye Deena Elix3r: I mished yew!!! xOXo Puppet Mistress: I luff chuu! Satina: a ramen cup to make u feel better^___^ : Congrats on senior otaku! :D <3 chee : a rose, to show how MUCH i � you! Puppet Mistress: HAPPY EARTH DAY! Nomad: Cookie for you! : HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 chee : April Fools! >:P HyperLolipopTobi: Thanks Deena-san!!!! Manicies: CELEBRATE : heres some pocky to nom on BlackRider: happi St. Patrick's day :3 Elix3r: Cuz I luff yew!! : COOKIE FOR YUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! � chee morbo86: Happy Valentines day TobiX13: forever by ur side my queen TobiX13: for u my queen BlackRider: here's my heart..keep it safe.. BlackRider: I'm so sorry... Please forgive me.. Heartstop: A welcome back rose from me n Alucard!xD : 12252006/12252009 remaining. :( sasusaku 4ever: COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! morbo86: cos you wanted it Deena!
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