alexea arescia Hitman Reborn!

"Fight with Dying Will and Trsut with Dying Will"

"Someone who isn't ready to die for his comrades is not worthy of becoming Vongola 10th!"

"To prosper or to perish... it's your choice, Vongola Decimo."

- Vongola Primo

Just some quotes to warm you up~ ^-^

A pleasant evening/ day to all~
And yes. It is me, alexea arescia once again and I'm here to make another challenge ^-^
It's been quite awhile since I last made one and since I miss this anime here we go~ ^-^

Anyways, let's spill it out as fast as we can just like what the Boss of the Varia, Xanxus wants ho-ho~

Well yes. As what's seen from the title, this challenge is all about KHR but! There are only limited characters to be used and that will be:

- Vongola X [of course >XD]
- Vongola I
- Hibari Kyouya
- Byakuran
- Arcobaleno
- Fran
- Belphegor

R U L E S:

Of course we need this so first up:

- Link the source of each thing especially the image if possible
- TheO rules
- Not Allowed: Yaoi or Yuri / Repetition of images & titles
- Usernames must be seen at the bottom of your artwork
- Submitting - unlimited

And the last thing you needed to do is to dedicate the work to me so I'll easily see it and that is if you just wanted to hehe~ ^-^

That's all ^-^ If you have further question you could PM me right away ^-^
You have two months~ Ganbatte~!!! ^o^

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