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(I can't believe there's not a section for this yet. Well, it is still a bit recent, so it's not exactly popular, but it really deserves its own section, because it might be later!)

UGGGGH, I've been really super obsessed with both this anime/manga lately. It's just amazing. Alot of people have been calling it "cliche" and comparing it to Attack on Titan, and its true, it does have quite a bit of a similarity to it, down to even being animated by the same studio. However, the manga publishers are different. To be honest, I don't care about the negative things people say about it. I just really love it, haha. It's definitely one of my most favorite anime/manga in awhile. I'm so glad I decided on watching/reading it from the start.

I'll say, both the anime and manga aren't bad, except the anime is alot slower paced, compared to the manga. However you choose your pace with it is up to you, since there is no right or wrong way to enjoy things. If you prefer to take it slow and just watch it, that's cool. If you want more out of it and read the manga, that's cool too. The anime is almost finished though. It has like two more episodes left, so at this point, I recommend watching it first and then reading it. I started reading it after episode 5, and I've since then caught up, including reading the most recent chapter 34. (Without spoiling anything, I will say that the whole situation currently ongoing really sucks and I'm really scared right now omg;;) I've also read part of a translation of the light novel as well, which is a prequel to the entire story. It's really good and I can't wait for the rest of the chapters to be translated~

I really hope to own the official releases of the anime/manga/light novel someday, and it is being licensed! It's just that amazing to me and I really love it okay. Yu and Mika will be the death of me. ALSO GUREN. AND YU IS MY SON AND HE NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.

AHA I BETTER STOP BEFORE I SLIP INTO MORE this series has taken my soul too uwah

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