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Gifts Quiet Noise: wish u Happy Holidays! ^_____^ Blue Latte: NOOOO!! miss-typo!! *pp Blue Latte: Haooy birthday!! Quiet Noise: I wish u 2 have a happy b-day my friend! Quiet Noise: Happy Halloween! Shi Bum Bumm: THUNDUH THUNDUH THUNDUH THUNDUH CATS somegirl: They dont have a pin but here's sushi :D innocent heart: It's huggle time! :D *huggles* xD Shi Bum Bumm: it wasn't luck tho, twas yo mad skillz. Shi Bum Bumm: *stabbastabba in y0 <3* lololol Shi Bum Bumm: whip that Ho pimpstaa. Shi Bum Bumm: Ring diggi ding diggi Ding ding ding! :D SolemnSerpent: Merry Christmas and Happy New year.  <3 Shi Bum Bumm: oh, 1mo'thing: I LURFF YEW ;D Shi Bum Bumm: I'm wishin U an EPIC 2010<3 frm LE FORCE imouto chan: Keep on rocking, Chiibz! Angel Zakuro: Thankies! Merry Xmas to you, too. :) Shishou: Hey hey hey! Happy birthday Chibblet. :D ShadowLight: Happy Birthday! =D imouto chan: For the Asian Who Likes Italian :P Virtual Rum: yous gots the bestest noodles ;D izioy7: ITS CUTE SolemnSerpent: MyOtaku; glad you were there, friend. :3 Shi Bum Bumm: Ahhh~ Jiro<33333  *shot thru the <3* Shi Bum Bumm: SUSHI FO' GENERAL Z   ;D   ~enjoy. izioy7: cause ur me bffl ! : thanks Shi Bum Bumm: U FAIL---. but Happeh Burfday Chiibz ;] : HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Have some cake ElvesAteMyRamen: Sorry, I took a bite out of it already. The Shadow Prince: cause your sweet :D Shi Bum Bumm: GiiiiiaaAANNTt~  PANNNDaaaaaaa~! XD The Shadow Prince: you make the best wallpapers ever Shi Bum Bumm: X] Coz ur tha C0oliest AZN eva~! x____O
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