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Gifts Michiyo Shimizu: merry christmas & happy new year's <3 Shishou: No need to elaborate, really. Shishou: Heart, Heart, Heart, Heart, Heart, wut? : :) Immortal Queen: Have a very merry Christmas : Merry Christmas from Linku-claus Driff! Rosie Chan: Happy Thanksgiving!!! Have some sushi! Rosie Chan: Happy Halloween! Get lots of Candy? Furry-Chibi: Nice talking to you again! ^_^ -Chifi <3 Shishou: I miss you. ;___; Miracle Star19: HAPPY EASTER!!! =3 Japan: happy valentines! ^_~ Miss Anonymous: Puppy for Drifta~ Happy V-day! : LOVE BRICK! 8D Michiyo Shimizu: I wuv you mah sexy-man-drawer partna. XD noirassasin: Happy chocolates day! or V-day! ⥠Shinmaru: Happy Birthday, Triplet!!!!! AnimeArchAngel: Happy Birthday! :DD SunfallE: Happy Birthday oh sneaky Driffta! :p Furry-Chibi: Merrrrryy Christmas!! ^_^ <3 x3 :3 xD noirassasin: Happy Holidays. :3 kukki-chan: happy holidays =3 : Happy Birthday! :D Stixx: Happy Birthday!!! Miss Anonymous: Happy birthday, my smutty pupil! >8D< Desbreko: Happy birthday! Here's a mysterious box. : Happy B.day from ur colorer : Cookie for meh famous daughter Shishou: A cupcake made with love for my sister. : your acting is perfect like this flower! IchigoShirayuki: eat me!haha lol Just kidding : Here! It's a good luck banana! Nanao44: here ya go!ur dah bomb!!! thanks man noirassasin: For an artist and a fangirl
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