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Gifts : :) Puppet Mistress: Bye bye~ aoi bara: thanx for joining the contest! Puppet Mistress: HAPPY EARTH DAY! My little puppy ^^ Puppet Mistress: I forgot you can't have chocolate... xD Puppet Mistress: Happy St. Patty's Day! ^^ Puppet Mistress: *Sighs* If we must ^^ Puppet Mistress: Then I'll throw this in your face ^^ Puppet Mistress: Decided to send a random gift xDDD Puppet Mistress: Thank you for the contest entry babe! ^^ : Thank you for being so kind to me. ^^ 21Emmz12: ........Cupcakez r good ^W^ Support KIRA: A Rose for a Wonderful Host :) Pantera17: Happy Valentines Day, Stark! ^^ ouransgirl: Happy Valentine's Day, Starrk^^ lunastarz: Happy Valentine's Day Puppet Mistress: Happy Valentine's Day Babe! KitKatKitty: Congrats on the promotion! sasoriofredsand: i present you with pocky^^ Deaths Strawberry: >:D Don't choke Mutt Puppet Mistress: Here's a cupcake, it's sweets! =^-^= ouransgirl: A welcoming gift! For my favorite Espada
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