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This is a random challenge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
With a story, you don't have to do it, and can just skip the the important stuff:

I was looking up images for a Sonic ecard, and I saw this character I never saw before. I look at it and I'm like, omg where is she from? She's a SCRAP character. Honey the cat seems like a cool character. So that's where this challenge comes from.

Important stuff: You are to make a Honey wallpaper.

Here's my example:It's a wallpaper^^


1. Absolutely no plagiarism
2. If you use pictures off the internet, please say you got the image from that website, and make a link so I can go to the website
3. You need to make the wallpaper something to do with one of Honey the cat
4. Put me as the dedication so I have a link to your entry
5. No more than 2 entries
6. Follow the rules

By the way, you can add other characters too^^


These are things I'll be judging:

How well you followed the rules
The wallpaper itself
How hard I think you worked on it

Prizes are very shiny and beautiful medals that look good on your profiles, and gifts, and the satisfaction that you helped raise awareness of this character^^

You have one month, good luck!

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Honey on fire ~harplayer
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