Broken Silent ~My own sound~

The challenge is simple, make a wallpaper with a short poem of yours, or a part of you favorite song.
If you chose you favorite song, please put a link.It can be of real singers(If you chose a song and put the singer or the band as the pic for axplame)or from a anime pic you edited.
The rules are like that:
1.Keep it PG-13
2.Make it as you like.
3.DON'T take others work
4.Put link to the orniginal image
5.Unlimited enters
6.Have fun^_^
I'm giving you 2 months
The prices are!:
1st place: 2 cards, 1 wallpaper, 3 gifts and sub(If ya don't have me if you have then I'll comment on your profile)+comment
2nd place: 1 card, 1 wallpaper, 2 gifts, sub+comment
3rd place: 1 gift, sub+comment

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ForeverForget brokenpixi Alucard Vaquera
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Life After You ~Allie Elric
Boom De Yada ~Auditore
Last Kiss ~Kurihara Akane
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