Clash of the Anime Titans 2

Hey, Variance here. And, here is yet another contest from me! This time, is it merely a continuation of a previous challenge. Ready?

Here's how this works:

You are to make a wallpaper that depicts a battle between the big names of any two animes (or video games). Now, they can be good guys vs bad guys or whatever! So long as there's a fight, I don't care!

For example: Orochimaru vs. Aizen or Astro Boy vs. Sailor Moon

Here are the rules:

Must have one or more characters from two different animes...
Characters must be in battle...or getting ready to fight...
Must be in color...
If you use a vector or brushes made by someone else...Give them their props...
Must follow the rules of theO...

Okay, those are the rules. Now, there can only be one winner of this contest. So, here is the prize:

A Year Long Premium Membership, on me!.

You all can submit as many entries as you want! Now, GO!! GO!! GO!!

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[Inner Demons] ~BabyD
This Is War ~gomdorri
Fight to the death ~blue dragon123
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