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Hello once again, everyone. It’s time for yet another one of my wallpaper challenges. And for this one, I have kind of an interesting idea in mind. I’ve noticed many times that anime or manga series shares similarities to another series. And I’m not simply talking about the genre of the series. Some times an anime will share certain plot elements with another series, or perhaps have similar characters. So for this challenge, I want everyone to do a crossover wallpaper that highlights these similarities. Here are a couple of examples of what I’m talking about.

R-Evolutionary Heroes

Power Gamers

In both of those examples I highlighted the similar concepts of the anime shows in question in the caption. But for this challenge, you don’t necessarily have to compare an entire series to another. It could just be comparing the similarities of a single character to the character of another series. So those are the two ways to go about this challenge. With that said, here are the rules.


  • Wallpapers must have at least one character from each series in question.
  • The similarities between the shows/characters must be explained in the caption.
  • As always, tell me where you got your images.
  • To show me you read the rules, put “Comparison Study” in the tags.
  • Limit is three submissions.


One little thing I’m going to mention about how I’m going to judge this challenge. I mentioned in the rules how the similarities between the shows/characters have to be mentioned in the wallpaper caption. Forgetting to do that won’t be grounds for disqualification, but it also means that the wallpaper probably won’t win. So just keep that in mind when you submit your entries.

So other than all that, you’re only limited by your imagination, the standard rules of TheO, and what you can do with a computer. So be creative and have fun. And as always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in a comment or PM and I’ll get back to you. This’ll be a three-month challenge, so take you time. But don’t take too long.


  • First Prize: A wallpaper and an iPhone wallpaper
  • Second Prize: An iPhone wallpaper
  • Third Prize: A gift
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