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About a month ago, I got a new computer. It has a screen resolution of 900x1600. The problem is that I can't find a lot of wallpapers with that size. At least, not from the series that I like. So I want you to inflate my ego and make a wallpaper from a series that we both like. 'Cause it'll be more fun for you if you actually like the series.

What to pick from (with links, if you want to use theO fan art):

That's 18 to pick from. I've seen other series, but I've omitted things that I didn't like nearly as much as those listed above. I can update this list in the future, if I see any more anime that I really get into.


  • MUST be 900x1600
  • MUST be from one of the aforementioned series
  • MUST have effort put into it (in other words, no distorted images and no pictures/text haphazardly slapped together)
  • MUST link your sources
  • UNLIMITED ENTRIES!!!!!!! (but only one of yours will place)

You do not have to dedicate it to me. Heck, you can dedicate it to someone else if you like.

Prizes are to be determined depending on how many people enter.

Questions? Comments? Let me know. I don't bite (unless you're a cream bun, but if you were, you couldn't read this anyway).

Good luck and have fun!

Edit: I gave the wrong dimensions! It's 1600, not 1200. I have edited the Challenge to correct that. (Thanks for pointing that out, KyraChan!)

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