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Welcome one and all to my new challenge! ^_^

To celebrate the return of the D. Gray-Man manga I thought it would be mighty appropriate to create a challenge for it, that and because there should be more active wallpaper challenges dammit! XD

D. Gray-Man. I reckon it is one of the greatest mangas ever. Of all time. I absolutely love it and the fact thats it has started again after a few years on hiatus makes me very happy! So please go forth and make some DGM wallies! Anime, manga, fan art - your pick. If you havent seen/read it then and you like a typical action/adventure/shonen jump sorta style then you definitely should check it out :D you can thank me later

Side note: Bonus points *will* be granted if you can figure out who my favourite character is ;)

Rules - to keep the admins happy:
1. You MUST provide links on everything you used to make your masterpiece. Give credit where credit is due yo.
2. Follow the rules of TheO I don't want any trouble here.
3. Just because I'm curious as to how many people actually read all these instructions I want you to add 'DGM' as a tag on your wallie and dedicate it to me!
4. Anyone can participate! Feel free to join even if you werent challenged. Likewise if you were challenged but dont want to/cant join then dont sweat it mates
5. Most importantly - have fun guys :)

Prizes - Ding ding ding yay!!!
lst place - I will make you a purdie wallie just for you of whatever your heart desires ♥
2nd place - I'll send out gifts! Yay everyone likes gifts!
3rd place - I'll sign your Guestbook and call you awesome names.
Everyone else gets a flashy medal because TheO is super swish like that :D

If there are any questions PM me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, I'm quite the workaholic so I generally make it to TheO once a day.



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