The Unwilling Hero

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The Unwilling Hero - A participating member of a story who becomes the hero of the tale, despite not wanting to be the hero for a good part of the story.

Examples of unwilling hero: Erin Yeager, Kirito, Ichigo Kurosaki, etc.

So, here is the challenge:

Create a wallpaper of one of your favorite unwilling heros. But, it gets a bit tricky. So, pay attention to the rules below.


  • Anime only! No video-games, television shows, movies, etc.
  • Wallpaper must contain only one render/vector.
  • Wallpaper must contain two lines of text: The name of the character and a quote from the character that fits the mood of the wallpaper. The lines of text must be two different typefaces.
  • Wallpapers can have a maximum of three textures. This includes textures used for the background. (Textures are used to add an additional layer of depth to the wallpaper. Some textures change the color of a wallpaper. Some textures can add a different dimension and depth to the wallpaper. My wallpaper Aincrad is an excellent example of both)
  • Wallpapers must stick with the three color palette. (The three color palette is to simply keep too many colors from taking away from the wallpaper. My wallpaper Asuna - The Lightning Flash is a great example. The colors are blue, pink, red and white. With the focus' of the wallpaper being reserved to just the render and text.)
  • Must follow the rules of theO: Do not use FanArt, Link your sources, etc.


  • 1st Place: One Month Premium upgrade & a wallpaper of your favorite anime
  • 2nd Place: A wallpaper and card of your favorite anime
  • 3rd Place: A series of 5 icons/avis of your favorite anime

If you have any questions, PM me or comment below.

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