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~* I refuse to let this site be with no challenges! So dammit I'm going to keep em coming! *~

Given that the Fairy Tail manga will be ending soon I figured now was as good a time as any to dedicate a challenge to it. As such this is the challenge: Make me a wallie featuring your favourite Fairy Tail character - bonus points if you include their specific type of magic in it too :3

That's pretty much it! If you haven't seen or read Fairy Tail then check it out! It's an awesome series~

Rules - to keep the admins happy:
1. You MUST provide links on everything you used to make your masterpiece. Give credit where credit is due yo.
2. Limit of 2 entries for a challenge that spans 2 months.
3. Follow the rules of TheO I don't want any trouble here.
4. Just because I'm curious as to how many people actually read all these instructions I want you to add 'FT' as a tag on your wallie and dedicate it to me!
5. Most importantly - have fun guys :)

Prizes - Ding ding ding yay!!!
lst place - I will make you a purdie wallie just for you of whatever your heart desires.
2nd place - I'll send out gifts! Yay everyone likes gifts!
3rd place - I'll sign your Guestbook and call you awesome names.
Everyone else gets a flashy medal because TheO is super swish like that :D

If there are any questions PM me and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can, I'm quite the workaholic so I generally make it to TheO once a day.



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