Crimson-Rose The Ultimate Logo Design

Hello! Welcome to this contest! The rules are extremely simple (O_O to me anyway! haha!) You have 2 months to come up with a wallpaper (preferably one of an anime or a band or something...) and then design your own logo design to put on the wallpaper! Like..for example, if you do a wallpaper with a picture of Naruto on it, you will make the wallpaper then add your own logo that will say like "Naruto" with maybe a ramen noodle logo surrounding his name. You have 2 months from today so be sure to be creative and have fun with it! (If you have any questions PM me! ^o^)

1. The wallpaper must (of course) be your own work!
2. The Logo must be your own design, however how you make it is up to you! (you can draw one and put it creative!)
3. Make sure the logo is easily seen (but it doesn't have to be the main focus!)
** If the Logo is not of your own design, you will be disqualified. T_T so dont do that!

1st place winner - 2 wallpapers of their theme choice

2nd place winner- A wallpaper of their theme choice

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Redemption ~bonitachika792
Death City [Version 2] ~krikida
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