Pantalaimon1467 That's just the best wallpaper EVER!

Greetings to thee!

So actually the rules of this challenge are very simple: create a wallpaper... But, here's the real challenge: It doesn't matter what type you make, or what category, Just make it the best wallpaper of that type! So if it has to look funny, make it so funny that I fall of my chair! If it has to look sad, make it so sad that I can swim in my tears.

These are the prizes:

  • First place: A gift and two requests (cards (I know this is a wallpaper challenge, but I can only make cards...))
  • Second place: A gift and one request (card, same reason :P)
  • Third place: A gift, and alas, no request... But hey, a gift anyways, isn't it??
  • First, second and third place: If you want, I can make you an avatar.

The number of entries is unlimited!

That's it! Now go make a wallpaper as soon as you can! You've got two months to submit. I hope you're in!


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Sky Star Angel! ~starwing12
Beat Legend ~Hiro Masaki
Lonely day ~MetisMizashi
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