One Piece theme part 1

Okay this challenge is a little different, i decided i'm going to do a permanent One Piece theme on my MyOtaku page and on my World as well as on my youtube account, and other places, because i do not have the time to change my theme all the time like i use to,

So your free to make a wallpaper of any character or characters you feel like, which ever wallpaper wins will decide what character my theme will be of, and then i will also hold challeneges for a fanart, and ecard to be displayed on my pages as well

and of course whoever wins will be credited.

+ you may use any character or characters
+ Pairings are allowed
+ can be Colorful or black an white
+ pretty much no rules you can do what you want
+ I'll answer any questions you have

winner will be decided by which wallpaper has been hugged and favorited the most as well as whichever one is liked the best by my classmates in my graphic arts class,

everyone will get a ribbon and gift for participating
additional prizes have yet to been decided (sorry i'm rather busy these days)

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One Piece
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4Eva, Me and You ~beloved blood
The Light ~Mistress Distress
Zoro ~Felcie
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