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Dearest Summer..
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Guess what? xxHopelessDesire is back~ Well...for now to submit this wallpaper. Maybe I'll come back when I have a break, like summer vacation but for right now I'm not sure. I still have plenty of exams to finish..you'll here more about it on my post. That is if I find out how to work out the Version Vibrant if TheO. Seems like I could get lost around here, its a bit confusing.

[Finding the submit button to submit my wallpaper took forever...so I shall find out what/how to post tomorrow or something]

Anyway, back to the wallpaper! This is a wallpaper of one of my favorite anime shows..AIR! It was quite sad too, but amazing, it still remains one of my favorites. Um, I got the photo from photobucket I think, and the extraction was well..not horrible..just okay. There are still some parts that look really well..bad. At first I had no idea what I was gonna do, so I just started walling, doing designs here and there. Then...an idea struck me! *lightbulb* So..I got different pictures and cropped them to make a photostrip thing, some I cleared up to make the picture a bit clearer. Then I got the paintbrush and traced around the photostrip and if you see on the top left, I cut into the last picture..I did that on purpose =D. Just wanted to make it..I dunno, just thought it would look nice, haha.

Then towards the bottom I had about the same idea, arranged the pictures in a different order and made them black and white. After creating the photostrips I made the background, which was just clouds basically. Simple, and it works..I like it. It was then, I finally came up with the title "Dearest Summer.." it was like she was writing in a dairy or something about her summer. *SQUEAL* This is a pretty good wallpaper..me likey! ^^

Member Dedication: Innocent_Heart- because I just wanted to thank her for commenting on EVERY single one of my wallpapers I have made, that was probably why I keep coming back here, so thank you. And to Angel_Zakuro because she seems to love AIR too. Hope I didn't disappoint either of you because of my bad wallpaper making. If I did...sorry!

Until Next Time,

- xxHopelessDesire.

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