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Heavenly Sakura
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Look who's computer is fixed!! That's right, mine. :D Hah. And I finally got to finish this wretched wallpaper! It's been on hold for days because: one, I didn't like looking at it; and two, my computer with Photoshop has been dying. Luckily, my oldest brother was able to fix it, so yay! So I got to finish this, and it's my final entry to the burst limit contest. What? "Sakura Wars isn't a video game; it's an anime!" True, it's an anime, but before anything else, Sakura Taisen was a series of video games! Very good ones at that. :3 Definitely some of my faves [I played 1-4 on Dreamcast]--part strategy fighting and part dating-sim, what a great combo! XD So I don't want any arguing about whether this counts because I made this while thinking of the video games!

This is for the contest, and it's also a belated b-day gift for Stixx. :3 I hope you like it!rnrnSo this was mainly texture work...I extracted the original scan, which was kind of a pain, and then I went on deviantart to find some textures and the photo of the sky that I used in the background! I used different blending techniques and the clone stamp a lot. I changed Sakura's contrast/brightness to make her brighter...and I changed some colors, too. Umm...for taking so long, I don't have much else to say! Took about 6 hours? Less? I'm not sure...but I hope you like it.

Texture 1:
Texture 2:

Sakura Wars Wallpapers
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