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Forget Us Not..
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Note: 1600 x 1200 is best please! And full view~ The thumbnail doesn't really look that great.
Title: Forget Us Not..
Time: A few hours. I lost track of exactly how much time it took.
PNG Provided By: Koduko Designs
Resouces: FEEL Resouces, and Deviant Art. I'll try to find all the users..but it was quite a few. So credits goes to all of them. And I'm extremly sorry if I forgot anyone!~
Other Credits: Photobucket, etc.

Okie, so this wallpaper was a request from Angel Zakuro. She had given me the link to the PNG, and asked me to keep with the brown scheme and have something compliment the sexy [and I completely agree!] guys and something dark and texture-y. Or somewhere along the lines of that I'm sure.
Anywho, while I was working on this while coding a skin, my first attempt ever with Photoshop, because my actual first one was done with Paint to prove to others you can make a skin with paint. The skin turned out amazing! I'm proud of it really =D. Although it was a bit frustrating because I had to add and cut and rearrange the codes. Yeah, which was quite frustrating. Now back to the wallpaper....
I hope Kelsey likes this!

At first, I had no idea what to do. Really, I had thought of making it an abandoned city, where they are sitting on the side of the street, a large building in the backround, and then people, walking past them, looking a bit ghostly, I guess is how to explain it. Then make the wallpaper look a bit ancient looking for it be in the brown-ish scheme. But when I opened the PNG, I noticed the guy's were cut off. I had wanted to finish it and so I drew the rest of the man's arm..but then I find out that almost his WHOLE leg was missing. I looked at the screen like this 'O____O' Yeah, I had no idea what to do then. I put it on hold for a bit.

Being the odd person that I am, I new idea struck me and I came back completely motivated! It was the PNG in a photograph, the backround brown-ish and on the side, a blue rose. The title 'Forget Me Not..' but since there was more than one person I decided to change 'me' to 'us'. Yeah.

The backround is mostly textures, a few grunge-y brushes here and there. I then opened up a new file and made the photograph there. As soon as I finished I made a new layer for the photograph on to the wallpaper. Afterwards, I added the text brushes, and made them 'glow' and made it so it's a bit faded. There are still a lot of other things that I did but I'm speeding it up, haha.

I found the image of the rose on Photobucket. I extracted it and change the colors, so it was a darker red and put it to the side so that it was partly covering the photograph. Not at the beginning where I intended the rose to be, but it looks nice like that too. Then if you look closely, on the photograph you'll see the title, its really faded out..I want it that way, and its close to the rose that says 'Forget Us Not..' and I guess thats it.

Enjoy~ Any feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I like this wallpaper..so much. I mean, the quality is perfect, and chyeah. Oh yes, the artist is...Adumi [Azumi] Tohru. I noticed most of the artwork..is the artwork that I admire soo much. Okay, I'll stop rambling now.

Have a great day,

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