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Do Not Let Them Lurk You
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So here is my entry for NGS' challenge, Style X3

Since everyone has the same scan,,I had to think for days before I finally came up with this idea. I was thinking "Mermaid... The easiest connection is of course sea. But what mermaid truly is?" Then I googled stuffs about mermaid, and I ended in wikipedia.

I tried to portray mermaid's legend by putting this wallpaper look like an old photo or book (see the scratches? XD)
In case you can't read the texts below, here it is (taken from wiki) :

Much like sirens, mermaids would sometimes sing to people and gods and enchant them, distracting them from their work and causing them to walk off the deck or run their ships aground. Other stories have them squeezing the life out of drowning men while attempting to rescue them. They are also said to take humans down to their underwater kingdoms.
A popular Greek legend has Alexander the Great's sister, Thessalonike, turn into a mermaid after she died. She lived, it was said, in the Aegean and when sailors would encounter her, she would ask them only one question: "Is Alexander the king alive?", to which the correct answer would be "He lives and still rules".

From the first paragraph of the story, it is said that "...sing...enchant", so I put some notes / melody near the mermaid, as if she's singing (and I put some water brushes to make the mermaid look dramatic). Then "...causing them to walk off the deck...", so I put an old ship going to the mermaid's direction.

Best viewed in 1280 x 1024 <3

Sorry for the long caption. I think concept is important ^^

Now, Do Not Let Them Lurk You~...

Best wishes,

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