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My entry in izsah's challenge

**Boys Like Girls**

I'm not a very big fan of Byakuya (I'm a fan because some of my friends threaten me with all kind of stuff...so in the end I began liking this guy...a little), when I saw the vector extraction from the manga scan it was "a must have" and later I tried to make a wallie with it, but I had no inspiration, but when I saw izsah's challenge I knew Byakuya will suite perfectly in the environment.
I imagined Byakuya here as a rock star on a brake or on his way to the studio with some new songs ^_________^
I used opposite things and put them together to get a soft-hard impression like guitar and rose, guitar and floral shapes, buttons and wires, butterfly and sewed fabric...I used all sort of crazy writing that inspires mean, rebel, scratch just like the rock 'n' roll style and also used some roses, flowers and butterfly to soften a little the idea of rock...I used the wires over cute buttons and funny tape to get the same effect of soft-hard. Same thing can be seen on the half guitar too, at one end flower shapes are attached.

vintage texture by chambertin @DA
vintage paper by knald @DA
butterfly bg by KyokoChuu12 @DA
flower by neojunglist @DA
guitar & rose by gooze
wire by Yami
Rock 'n' roll guitar by ALVIN rvl
Byakuya vector by Astet

Work dedicated to izsah, thanks for inviting me to your cool challenge, hope you like it...
Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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**Boys Like Girls**

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