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Gin/Fate Details
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My mood just went south, but I don't want hide this away. UPDATED with long description below:

This is the detail version of http://www.theotaku.com/wallpapers/view/205983/gin_and_fate_version_one

There are two decks of tarot cards, one for Aizen and one for Yamamoto, the leaders of both sides. They lead the sides from the shadows until the last moment. Aizen, the main villain, enjoys watching the struggles of his pawns; however, Captain Commander Yamamoto's power is such that it might take everyone with him if he were to interfere. I outlined some of his old scars lightly in red as a warning of that power. Gin is playing with Aizen's deck, since he's managed to get close enough to make some of his own twists. Ichigo is a big card to both sides, which is why I made his card be the only detailed front I show.

I used the falling of the moon to tell Gin and Rangiku's sad story. The beginning and the end is reflected in the top. Then, the other pieces are recalled afterwards. I could not find room to fit Rangiku crying well, so Ieft the last moon blank. I will cover the last scene in another wallpaper. The emptiness can mean loss but it can also mean completion. Finally, the moon fades into the falling snow of that door, the door of their humble abode and from where Gin's resolve began.

Moon from a Google search
Ichigo's image from a snapshot and altered to fit the card
Gin's colored images from MiniTokyo
Bleach manga colored by me and (c) Tite Kubo

---Dedicated to Gin.

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Aizen, bleach, blood, blue eyes, cards, fate, Genryusai, gin, Ichigo, ichimaru, Kurosaki, Matsumoto, moon, Rangiku, Sousuke, Yamamoto
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