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Nighttime Gin
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Wallpaper finished: 6/19/11

Description added: 12/31/12

This wallpaper was the first of a pair.. With the second nearly completed, I thought it was high time that I explained the process on this one. (For me, at the very least.) I had always been an intrigued fan of Gin Ichimaru, and when his Tite Kubo wrote the chapter explaining his actions to that point, I went crazy with creating wallpaper dedications. Gin and Fate was actually one of the later ideas that came up in my head, even if it was the first one that I managed to finish. The first layout, which was the beginning of this wallpaper, became a pair, after showing Kira two versions.

The pair is light and darkness, Gin's two sides. This wallpaper highlights his darker mask, the side that creeps out many of the people around him, the side that he created to walk with Aizen until the right time came along. Therefore, it is night at Las Noches. However, it is not completely bleak. The beautiful night sky image that is the backdrop hints at his true nature which is further indicated in the quote underneath the final part of the "snake" quote.

There are many of my favorite quotes imbedded within the wallpaper.

Thematic quote: "I am a snake. I have no heart. My skin is cold. I slither around seeking prey with my tongue and I swallow my favorites whole." (changed the order to suit my layout~)

Others: By young Gin "Sorry, that was a lie." Underneath Gin on hill "You are in the way." In shadow of tree "Kill, Kamishiniyari" On bottom by main quote. "It has been my long held wish to see you die with a hole in your chest."

Scan: MiniTokyo (It took a lot of careful adjusting levels of contrast and saturation to get the right sheen.)

Night time image: NASA (Astronomy Picture of the Day) (Contact me for the exact link or name if interested)

Las Noches image: Snapshot from anime (c) rightful owners

The second one, coming soon, is his dawn.

Dedicated to Kira since she asked me to make this version. I hope it fulfilled all of your expectations, sis.

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