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Unwritten Love
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This is a collaboration wallpaper I made with my friend, Yami Yugi 4Ever. I had the idea when I saw her wallpapers of Atem and Anzu together. I think they make a great couple and they look like they love each other alot. Anzu has been Yugi's friend since childhood and it's only natural that these two maybe would fall in love. I know they never really admitted their feelings in the anime but I think it's cool that people take time to make fan art, stories, wallpapers and other creations to tell a story about these characters. I think they're alot alike in the sense that they have alot in common. They both have dreams that they want to follow and they both care about their friends. I like them as a couple for these reasons. They would get along really well and they would do they're best to support each other. I thought it was sad when Atem left everyone to go back into the afterlife in the final scene and Anzu was sad to see him go. I thought that was a sad scene.
To say a bit about the wallpaper, as I mentioned it was a collab between me and Yami Yugi 4Ever here on the Otaku. She's a big Yu-Gi-Oh fan and she makes great wallpapers that tell a story. She helped me out by making me a background with rainbow swirls. I used it as the base of the wallpaper. I decided to add a few textures to it and it gave it something and I really like it. I think she did a great job with the rainbow swirls and it really brings alot of color to this wallpaper. I also used one of her wallpapers that actually happens to be one of my favorite wallpapers by her. It's called Starlit Love and I think it really looks nice faded in with the textures. So here is a link to that wallpaper if you haven't seen it. It's a really beautiful wallpaper. http://www.theotaku.com/wallpapers/view/217409/yami_x_anzu_starlit_love
That being said, I would like to thank Yami Yugi 4Ever for helping me out with this wallpaper. Without her help, this wallpaper wouldn't have been possible. Dedicated to Yami Yugi 4Ever for helping me out and for being a cool friend.

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