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If I owned this city
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I decided that I wanted to make a wallpaper for this show (Yuuki, Maxim or Maria) and while browsing minitokyo, I came across this scan. I also discovered that they didn't have nowhere near enough scans from E's Otherwise - but that's another subject entirely. Anyway, I really like Maxim's pose and the look on his face is great. Of course this scan was almost painful to extract, because the background was really dark and there was also writing on the image that I had to get rid of.

I was originally going to have a kind of sci-fi background, but this scan has a kind of elegance to it that I decided wouldn't work at all on a bright, laser-lit background. So this idea came to mind. The idea that I was working with was city lights at night and in the rain.

I'm not certain that's what immediately comes to mind. I probably could have found a cityscape image and used it, but I wanted to keep it abstract. I prefer abstract backgrounds.

This wallpaper also owes part of it's existence to the song Let the Rain by Sara Bareilles. 'If I owned this city, then I'd make it behave.' I can't help but think those lines fit Maxim's attitude in this scan rather well. Of course, I do have a rather bad feeling about what, exactly, he'd consider as making the city behave…

Halftone Brushes
Night Lights Brushes
Fonts: 'ColdSpaghetti BTN' and 'Accord Light SF' (haven't a clue where I got them)

Man, I just had a brief moment of panic - thinking that I forgot my signature on both this wallie and the last one I posted. Thankfully I didn't.

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