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Making this wallpaper... was... a... nightmare! I tried several different scans and renders together and this was the best I could come up with. I'm actually not a hundred percent happy with how this one turned out. In fact I'm kind of hesitant to submit it. Still, this is a wallpaper that I've been wanting to do all week. So I'm putting it up anyway.

Now then, I've started to get into Sword Art Online since it started running on Toonami. Not the most original concept out there really. Scores of other sci-fi and fantasy stories have done the idea of people getting trapped in a video game with the stakes that they die in real life if they die in that game. Still, Sword Art Online is the first story to have it done on such a large scale, and that's one of the things that makes the show stand out. But even the original Yu-Gi-Oh! has done this sort of thing before. And I'm not simply talking about the Legendary Heroes and Virtual World arcs in the anime. There's also the Monster World arc from the original manga, where Yami Bakura trapped Yugi and his friends inside a tabletop RPG. Plus a lot of the card duels Yugi fought had stakes as high as the ones in Sword Art Online. So that's pretty much the idea that inspired this wallpaper. Enjoy.

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