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Judai Yuki
City 1
City 2
sunny ACTION
*Other textures made by me in Adobe Photoshop CS5
*Extra Link: Song I was listening to during the creation of this wallpaper.

Here is my entry for the "Connections challenge hosted by KyraChan. It has taken me awhile to get around to making this wallpaper due to being busy with life and also because I'm very easily distracted. But that aside I will explain the wallpaper and the story behind it.

There are many characters I relate to or share qualities with. But the character I relate to the most is Judai Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX. His background is kind of similar to mine. Let me list some of the similarites here.
1. Judai and I are similar in many ways, one is that he cares about his friends like I do. I used to have a few really good friends like his. His relationship to Sho and Kenzan was similar to my friends and I. We used to hang out together, laugh, and have fun but those days are gone and we aren't friends anymore. But for reasons unknown we went our separate ways. But I have many friends here on theOtaku whom I care about deeply.
2. At the beginning of season 4 of Gx Judai kind of kept to himself after he came back from the other dimension. At the beginning of my senior year I was alone for awhile too cause me and a friend had a falling out over the summer. But like Judai who realized that his true friends would always be there for him, so did I eventually and my family made everything ok (my mom).
3. Judai and I are alike in our appearance as well. He has dark brown hair and eyes like me minus the orange. :)
4. Another similarity we share is that we both have been to the point where we thought we lost everything. In the 3rd season during a duel with some weird skeleton, his friends were kidnapped and they were all "killed" (later we found out they were just trapped in another dimension) and Judai blamed himself for it. I blamed myself when I was young for my mom and dad separating. Even though logically I know it isn't my fault. There was a time in my senior year when I felt alone and lost and it seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn't prevail. But luckily I made it (with some help from my mom).
5. Other traits that are similar is like Judai I am sometimes impulsive, cheerful at times, both went though life events that made us change drastically, and a desire to make thw world a better place.
6. That's all I can think of. Hope these are ok.

The wallpaper features Judai Yuki and the background is an overlay of two city images I found. I had another idea in mind before this one but it changed but I'm happy with the result. It has kind of a light yet dark mysterious feel to it. I hope I conveyed that here.Also this wallpaper took along time to make. About 2 hours or so.
I also hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.
And long description is too long.
Dedication: SongBird33
Cause you're a sweet friend and an awesome otaku. *hugs*
Extra Note: Title comes from a song by Mami Kawada called PSI-missing. I was listening to this song during the time I was creating this wallpaper. I was originally going to add the lyrics to the wallpaper but felt it would have taken away from it as it has a lot going on already.

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