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Venus Render: x
(Can't find the link to the other one, when I do I shall link it here)
Title from Minako's Image song "Route Venus"

*Made in Photoshop CS5

Hello Otakus, I’d like to present a wallpaper I made of Sailor Venus. This one also took me some time to make too. Here let me tell you about it.

Sailor Venus is one of my favorite Sailor Senshi. I found these awesome images and I had to make them into the wallpaper you see now before you.

Making this wallpaper involved a complex process. First of which was trying to find the right colors to represent Venus which lead me to try to make the stars that are used in her transformation sequence. I basically tried to sort of imitate that with my background while adding some of my own flairs and textures to the mix. I also blurred one of the vectors of Venus in the background along with a manga image of Sailor V. The main Sailor Venus vector in the foreground of course.
And I also faded an image of a city into the background as well. This wallpaper took about 3 hours to complete overall. And I’m happy with how it turned out.

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedicated to Keba Si Rota

Sailor Moon Wallpapers
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