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Johan <3

Crystal Beasts + Gems renders found here.

Rainbow Dragon

Light leak texture

Title taken from this Song

Made in Photoshop CS5

I FINALLY made a wallpaper featuring Johan ANd his Crystal Beasts plus Rainbow Dragon. Its about time! Yes!

Overall completion of this wallpaper was about an hour, two hours tops. The thing that took the longest and was the hardest in making this wallpaper was extracting Johan from his scan. All I can say it was a bit of a doozy. Mostly cuz I had to remake parts of the scan (well Johan). But I'm happy I made this and I like how it came out.
Oh and I love the Crystal Beasts and Rainbow Dragon! Sorry I had to say it! *squee*
And one other thing I'd like to add is that this wallpaper came out differently than I had imagined. I had invisioned a brighter more rainbow-ish version of this but I actually love how this turned out. Really. It actually turned out better than I had expected, I loved using the light leak texture, it looks like blue fire envelopeing JOhan and creating kind of a dawn look. What do you think? It's my first time trying something like this.

I hope everybody enjoys the wallpaper.

Dedication: Misachan83
Because you're an awesome friend and you've made so many fantastic wallpapers. And because I can. *hugs*

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