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So I made a Yu-Gi-Oh wallpaper featuring Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey. Have to admit it has been awhile since I last made a wallpaper with these 3. In fact my first wallpaper *shudder* featured these 3. I don't know but I would like to think I'd come a LONG LONG way since then. *flies away nervously*

But all joking aside I owe a lot to these three, they were inside my first wallpaper, influenced me over a long period of time. I honestly thought that when I "grew up" I'd stop liking Yu-GI-Oh, nope. I've only come to like it more. So then I watched GX, some of 5D's, tried to give ZeXaL a chance (didn't work out), and finally ARC-V. So I've grown up with Yu-Gi-Oh and plan on checking out VRains when it comes out.

Anyway I've been playing a Yu-Gi-Oh game on mobile called Duel Links. It's alot of fun (only thing I wish there was was a RPG element) but for what it is, the game is pretty good. You can unlock lots of characters, play the game for free with no problems (unlike Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X), and duel against some ingame generic NPCs and of course Legendary duelists like Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba among many others (like Mai, Tea, Yami Bakura, etc.)

Wallpaper features Yugi, Joey, and Seto Kaiba with bokeh, technological type background, with some shiny. That's what makes up this wallpaper. No further explanation needed.

Anyway hope everypony enjoys the wallpaper. Dedicated to ElementalNinja who celebrated a birthday. Hope you like it dear friend.

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