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*can't remember where I found blue texture, gradient from photoshop

Song: aLIEz (cover by AmaLee)

To be Photoshopped.......


Wow.....it's been a while since I last made a wallpaper. To tell you the truth I just have been going through some stuff lately and haven't really felt inspired much. Well until I found these HIGH QUALITY renders of some Yu-Gi-Oh wallpapers. I even found one of Judai's epic pose which will be featured in an upcoming wallpaper.....

Honestly I was inspired to make this because I am almost finished with the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh. Yeah I almost have watched it all the way through. Wow, it was so good. Better than when I watched it as a kid, but it was great back then too. Obviously or I wouldn't still be obsessed over the characters I'm obsessed with. I grew up with Yugi, Joey, Tea, and Tristan. I feel like they are my friends. too.

But this wallpaper features the main rivals of Yu-Gi-Oh. Atem and Seto Kaiba. Had to make a wallpaper of these two badass characters. OMG Kaiba's badass level in the final season was over 9,000 and priest Seto was so awesome too and Atem makes him Pharoah. Omg just so good. I'm sorry, I'm rambling. But I feel like I've seen it all fresh for the first time in years, which is the truth because I have never had a chance to watch it all the way through until now and I have. Wow. Just love these characters even more now!


Anyway enough of my fangushing. THis wallpaper features lyrics of a song I've been listening to alot lately. To tell you the truth this song has helped me cope with some issues. And I felt like the lyrics kind of both fit Yugi and Kaiba respectively.

The song aLIEz kind of talks about believing something that was never real to begin with. For Kaiba, he was an orphan, adopted by a billionaire who was a terrible adopted father to him and Mokuba which is the reason Kaiba got his bitter attitude. He has been lied to by Gozaborou Kaiba, believed that he was a father but he wasn't. Does that make sense.

For Yugi it was quite the opposite, he grew up with his grandpa, was a shy kid at school and then suddenly gained the confidence to grow up thanks to Yami Yugi. Then he met his friends Joey and Tristan and Tea is his childhood friend. Yugi has an optimistic look at the world. The song relates to him because he was told by various characters that his beliefs in friendship and the heart of the cards was weak. But it made him stronger and become the badass Yugi we eventually see in DSOD.


This wallpaper took awhile due to the arrangement of the text. Usually I'm kind of against using text in most wallpapers unless it's like a name or small quote. But this was a little more complicated as the lyrics had to be arranged a certain way so I could help tell the story.

If I could I would have made an amv of Yugi and Kaiba to this song but I don't have the wherewithall to make a complicated project like that. So I make a wallpaper to represent the song as best as I can with characters that I love to tell a story. So that's what I did here. I spent at least a few hours on this.


Longer description than usual. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys what I made here. Sorry I haven't uploaded anything for awhile.

Enjoy the wallpaper.

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