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into the VRAINS....
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Original Playmaker & Yusaku are Original

background | texture | matrix

~can't remember where I found the flowyish background

in the Datascape


Yes, I FINALLY made my Yu-Gi-Oh VRains wallpaper. It just took me a bit of time to decide how I wanted to make it. So I made it featuring Yusaku and his avatar, the Playmaker, both are badass as hell. So far VRains has been really kick ass awesome. The first few episodes have been non stop action. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Random fun fact: I'm addicted to the opening song/animation so much I watched it almost 5 times in a row trying to sing the song. Yeah it's good.

So here is a wallpaper featuring Yusaku. He is a real badass protagonist so far. He's serious with a sense of justice about him. He's a bit like Yusei in that respect. He's a bit older than the past two protags, Yuya and Yuma so that is a breath of fresh air. Yusaku is very smart and so far has managed to ride the win and speed duel in the data scape known as VRains. So I think all of us YGO fans are in for an exciting show.

For my wallpaper, I tried to kind of recreate the "wind" Yusaku/Playmaker tapped into at the end of the first episode. I think I managed to create it, at least for a wallpaper version. Then I ended up playing with angles and such with the renders, so that was kind of cool. So I learned a few things while making this wallpaper. I honestly started this project, thinking I was going to make a wallpaper with Seto Kaiba, but somehow turned into a VRains wallpaper. That's ok though. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Let's not forget this BOSS wallpaper Darkarax made. It kind of inspired me to make this one. And misachan's wallie too.

Hope everypony enjoys the wallpaper.

Yu-Gi-Oh Wallpapers
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