Tobi the New Kid

“All right class, take your seats,” Konan sharply spoke.

Everyone took their seats before the teacher called the principal in. Deidara sat by Sasori, Itachi sat beside Kisame even though Kisame was terrified by him, Zetsu sat by himself because he would often fight his second personality, and Hidan sat by Kakuzu who was stealing his lunch money. “All right class, we have a new member to akatsuki school, everyone say hello to Tobi.”

Tobi stepped into the room. The little first grader clutched an orange mask and he wore a bag on his head. The little first graders laughed at the sight of Tobi. Itachi however just stared blankly at his desk. “Don’t be shy Tobi, go take a seat and take that bag off your head,” Konan told him calmly.

Tobi listened and sat on the other side of Deidara. Deidara looked up from his clay in question to why the new kid was sitting next to him. Tobi slipped the mask under the brown bag on his head and then took the bag off. Tobi sat the brown bag next to his desk as he got up to place his backpack in his space. Then he quickly sat back down at his desk.

“All right, everyone,” Konan said a few hours later, “lunch time.”

All the seven year olds gathered up some of their items for playtime on the playground after lunch. Kisame and Itachi were popular at almost every one of their classmates sat by them.

Sasori and Deidara just got out of the lunch line arguing over which ones’ art is better, when they spotted a lone figure sitting at a table. It was the new kid, Tobi. Sasori and Deidara looked at each other and then approached Tobi’s table.

Tobi was playing with his food when he noticed Deidara and Sasori setting their trays on the table. “You’re the new kid, Tobi right?” Deidara asked.

Tobi stole a glance at Deidara and said nothing. After lunch, Tobi sat on the swing looking down. “Hey, get off our swing!”

Tobi looked up to see Itachi, Kisame, Hidan, and Kakuzu. “I’m going to say this once me: Get off our swing!” Kisame said.

“These swings are for everyone,” Tobi said.

“Not in my eyes. Now get off the swing or I’ll use my Tsukyomi,” Itachi said.

The four bullies crowded around Tobi getting ready to attack when, “Hey, leave him alone!” a voice shouted.

Hidan turned and laughed, “Aww the two little boyfriends are coming to stick up for this freak.”

Deidara and Sasori were staring down Hidan, Kakuzu, Kisame, and Itachi. “Like I said: Leave him alone, or I’ll use my clay to do the talking!” Deidara said.

Itachi took a look at him; he knew it was useless to fight. “Come on guys, we’ll leave them alone. Let’s go do something else,” Itachi said to Kisame, and the others.

“Are you okay Tobi? I’m Deidara and this is Sasori, sorry we didn’t introduce ourselves earlier.” Deidara said smiling.

Tobi smiled under his mask and said, “Deidara sempai, thank you.”