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Hello, and welcome to Cuteness Killz. This is your host, Rishi. Nice to see j00, and welcome!

This is a site for HANI, an OC that inhabits the Naruto world. Here people will post stories on Hani, pictures of Hani, and their thoughts on Hani, since comments can only go so far. XD

Hani's Story~sadsadsadsaaad
A Hani Christmas Story
The Hani chronicles

Yeah! So, if you wanna be a guest poster, just ask Rishi. Rishi shall let j00 post lots.

So! Go wild, and remember--cuteness can kill, but we don't mind. Cause it's just too freaking cute.


Gone for the summer

Well, folks, it seems that nobody posts in here anymore...kinda makes Rishi sad. Oh well. Well, anyway, Rishi's leaving for the summer. Hope you have a good one, and please try to post in here...eventually...maybe just a little...? ...

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New Hani Stuff

Hey all, hey all! It's RishiandSquee, again! Who knows which one of us it really is, ne? ANYWAY, since Rishi's been hiding out as a refugee on her DeviantArt account, you guys haven't ...

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You guuuuyyyssssssss...

Rishi wants to see more pictures of Haniiiii >>whinewhine<<

And moar pooosssttttsss... >>whinewhine<<

Rishi's impatient, j00 know. Rishi wants to see moar Haniiiiiiii. >>whinewhine<<

Hey, How's It Going?

Psst. Rishi's dissapointed in you all.

Of course, this may not be Rishi, but then again, that's the way Rishi wants it. So wonder in awe if this is Rishi or Squee--Rishi still can't come back yet.

BUT, for all those who want to see Rishi's new art, she's currently in refugee here She's not abandoning you guys, she's just making sure that you guys know she's alive.

By the way...

Where's all the Hani posts you promised her? Just saying. She wants more Hani.

Hani's list

Hello! It is the first time I guest post in here (nyaa) so I'm posting down something I guess is...not...I'm just lost for words. Oh, BTW, the orthography mistakes are on purpose, I think sice Hani is a little kid, she won't get all the words right, does someone agree?Besides me, I say!

1.-Hani likes cute animals

2.-Hani likes to visitt Big Brother Neji

3.-Hani likes playng with Hana

4.-Hani likes hugs-becaus thei are niiice

5.-Hani likes to play with Naruto nii-chan

6.-Hani likes plushes

7.-Hani likes flouers

8.-Hani likes cute fariytails

9.-Hani likes fireflis


n_n Thank you for reading...