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Superman Reading Recommendations

Are you new to Superman or are a long-time fan of DC Comics' premier super-hero? Well, say no more as I, staranold, present to you a list of Superman graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and one-shots I recommend you should check out, especially in c...

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Spider-Man Reading Recommendations

Are you new to Spider-Man or are a long-time Spidey fan? Well today, I post up a list of Spider-Man graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and one-shots I recommend you should check out. Originally, I was going to post this up back in August as Marvel ...

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Batman Reading Recommendations

Are you new to Batman or are a long-time Batfan? Well, as we are nearing the release of The Dark Knight Rises (the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman movie saga), I thought it's time to post a list of Batman graphic novels, trade pa...

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News: DCnU Opening Arcs To Come In Paperbacks

So far, DC Comics' website has revealed that the opening story arcs of a few "DC Comics New 52" series titles will be collected in trade paperbacks to hit bookstore shelves. Here are the trade paperbacks listed below so far:

  • "Batman: The Court of Owls" (coming 3/9/2012): collecting "Batman" (Vol. 2) No. 1-6. Story: Bruce Wayne/Batman encounters an army of villains known as the Court of Owls, who have been at war with his family even since Gotham City's earliest years.
  • "Animal Man: The Hunt": Collecting "Animal Man" (Vol. 2) No. 1-6. Story: Buddy Baker becomes a family man, only to discover that his daughter Maxine is devolping poers that maybe a danger to the whole family.
  • "Justice League: Origin" (coming 5/2/2012): collecting "Justice League" (Vol. 2) No. 1-6. Story: a revised version of the Justice League's origins for the DC New 52 Universe.
  • "Justice League International: The Signal Masters": Collecting "Justice League International" (Vol. 3) No. 1-6. Story: a revised version of JLI's origin for the DC New 52 Universe.
  • Catwoman: The Game": Collects "Catwoman" (Vol. 4) No. 1-6. Story: Catwoman loses her magic touch as thief when robbing from the wrong victim, who manages to trap her.
  • "Green Lantern: Sinestro" (coming 5/16/2011): collecting "Green Lantern" (Vol. 5) No. 1-6. Story: Sinestro, now a Green Lantern, tries to free his homeworld Korugar from terror by his ex-army of villains Sinestro Corps, only to need help from his former adversary Hal Jordan.
  • "Stormwatch: The Dark Side" (coming 5/23/2012): Collecting "Stormwatch" (Vol. 3) No. 1-6. Story: a police force of anti-heroes, whoses existence is unknown from the rest of te world's population, try to cover up the metmorphosis of the Earth's moon in an attempt to preotect the planet from the moon itself.
  • "Green Arrow: The Midas Touch" (coming 5/30/2012): Collecting "Green Arrow" (Vol. 5) No. 1-6. Story: Oliver Queen, becoming Green Arrow, travels around the globe to bring outlaws to justice, even it the job involves bending the rules to finish it.
  • "Wonder Woman: Blood" (coming 5/30/2012): collecting "Wonder Woman" (Vol. 4) No. 1-6. Story: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman learns a disturbing secret of her mother Hippolyta, which involves who Diana's father is.
  • "Batman: Detective Comics: Faces of Evil" (coming 6/6/2012): Collecting "Detective Comics" (Vol. 2) No. 1-7. Story: During his first year of his crime-fighting career, Batman joins up with Commissioner Gordon to track down the Gotham Ripper, who's stealing people's faces for his dollmaking making.
  • "Batwoman: Hydrology": Collecting "Batwoman" (Vol. 1) No. 1-5. Story: Kate Kane, while investigating child kidnappings in the barrio, faces unsettling revelations of her father Colonel Jacob Kane.

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News:Three Spidey Trade paperbacks To Check Out in December 2011

This December, Marvel Comics will be releasing three Spide-Man trade paperbacks I think you should out during this Chrsitmas shoping season. First, Marvel will be releasing the "best of" type compilation trade paperback "Spider-Man Through ...

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