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This Zone is dedicated to the lesser known elements of anime hosted by the cast of Victory Script.

What weapon is the best?
Who will win in this Death Battle?
Is this costume practical?

You name it, it's all covered here in the Fantasy Zone!

Genre Savvy - The History of Isekai Anime

I think we need to revisit a long forgotten feature on the Fantasy Zone, Genre Savvy, our first subject will be isekai.

Isekai translates as simply going to another world, it's origins are routed in the high fantasy genre with early adopters of Isekai include Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi and Inuyasha to name a few, other variations of Isekai can also include being stuck in a video game, with Dot Hack experimenting with the concept and Sword Art Online taking it to it's logical extreme, it's popularity exploded in the late 2010s early 2020s helped by the global pandemic but it's over saturation of anime is causing it to die off as ideas run out of steam.
Depending on what you watch can also set the tone, there are lots of examples of the chosen one and fish out of water plots as well as world breakers when the isekai'd character has something that can break the laws of the world they've entered.
The earliest isekai I can name is the Inuyasha prototype Fire Tripper by Rumiko Takahashi.
The future of the genre is a bit up in the air as the next trend, I dub, the best girl anime in which the anime is defined by it's best girl, is taking over the trends boosted by Twitter's outrage over it working against them.

Top 50 Best Male and Female Character Lists

Both lists are now locked in place, as these lists are both quite long it will take longer than a day to write up, while I'm doing this, I will keep you guessing as to what characters I plan to put on the list by writing up some character reviews, whether they are actually on the list is up for guessing, a reward is up if you guess correctly.
To give you clues.
What to expect from the males list
I prefer male characters to break the norm, have an effective character development or consistently be good.
What to expect from the females list
I prefer action orientated female characters, I have a few guilty pleasure likes or characters displaying a multitude of emotions that work effectively with their personality.
I don't have a set date to finish, you'll just have to wait and see.

My Verdict on MAL's Best Anime

So what is my verdict on MAL's taste in anime? Well I'm going to give my own verdict on all these popular series, I'll be looking at anime from the top rated, popularity and favourited.

Kaguya-Sama Love is War: Not seen much of it but can honestly see it being a favourite with me.
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Extremely well made but I'm always upset that the original series is snubbed in favour of this.
Gintama: I always found it quite funny, really good comedy.
Stein's Gate: It's so cool, Sonuvabitch. Joking aside, it's been on my to watch list for a while.
Attack on Titan: I want to like it but just can't take it seriously.
Hunter x Hunter: If I wanted a super generic shonen anime with nothing I haven't already seen before then this is your answer.
Fruits Basket: I glad they finally gave it the treatment it deserves but I can't overlook the fact that Akito exists.
Legend of the Galactic Heroes: I'm still baffled how high up an 80s anime is and literally no one in this era will bring it up in conversation.
Death Note: It's a mystery anime with no replay value and Netflix refuses to let it die.
One Punch Man: I guess it survived the massacre of Season 2.
Sword Art Online: Never liked it and it was not through lack of trying.
My Hero Academia: I have high expectations for this anime when I'm ready to watch it, don't let me down!
Tokyo Ghoul: I guess it survived the massacre of Root A.
Naruto: I appreciate it more now that it's finished and Boruto ruining itself.
Demon Slayer: I hope it lives up to the hype.
Your Name: Fatally flawed movie.
No Game No Life: And no season 2 either, it's a very neglected series despite the popularity.
Code Geass: Pretty unforgettable and I honestly find it better than alot of what Gundam offers.
One Piece: Always found it can nosedive in quality just as much as it rises depending on what it does in a given arc.
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Has actually gotten worse with age.

Otaku Insight - My Tastes vs MAL

I'm currently weighing up whether I should join MAL MyAnimeList.net, I've been reviewing anime for over a decade now and I feel much of the anime on there could do with a boost in rating.
However I'm reminded of my failed experience on DeviantArt (Don't ask) of maybe not wanting to express my opinions on a website where there is a literal war over the top anime on the list.

At time of writing, Season 3 of Kaguya-Sama Love is War is at the top.

I've read stories of how toxic the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood fandom can be that they will down vote an anime for daring to take the top spot.
My favourite anime is still Black Lagoon, ain't no one changing that for a long time, and my own top list can change regularly depending on where I can find time to watch bigger series, I'm in my 30s and time is not as frequent as I want it to be and I would inevitably favour much older series, also most of my high marks on Anime tend to favour how much I'm entertained by them over finding an epiphany on the meaning of life with how some people act, this doesn't mean I reject popular anime, I recently picked up Demon Slayer Mugen Train, I dare say that'll give it a few new positions up the list.
So back to the topic at hand, should I join MAL or avoid it?

Precure Series Ranking

I've done the cures now time for the series themselves, all 17 will be ranked today.

Precure as a franchise doesn't do bad, at worst it's okay at best it's in my top ten so I rate none of these entries as bad.

19. Fresh Precure
Precure prides itself on it's influences and likes to pay homage to them, especially if certain staff worked on other shoujo series, however Fresh takes so much that it can't stand as it's own show, the influences are hard to ignore and are distracting not helped by the fact it was released in the genre's stale years.

18. Healin Good Precure
Beautiful setting in a very plain environment. Largely uneventful for Precure and very stale and a very stupid ending.

17. Futari Wa Precure Max Heart
Shiny Luminous wasn't really needed as the duo were plenty strong enough as characters to not need support, too many episodes made this season drag.

16. KiraKira Precure A La Mode
This series made the homage so obvious you could almost call it plagiarism but at the very least it's still colourful and the characters although familiar to magical girl veterans were fun.

15. Yes Precure 5 GoGo
Season fatigue was the problem here, a near 100 episodes of the same team is just too much and never found any real boost from Precure 5.

14. Doki Doki Precure
Contains two of my least favourite precures and one of my least liked villains and possibly worst costumes.

13. Delicious Party Precure
I'm cautiously optimistic about the story development, let's hope they deliver when it counts.

12. Tropical Rouge Precure
A laid back offering with not much agency in the plot and utterly dominated by argubly the best Precure ever made.

11. Star Twinkle Precure
The story wrote itself into a corner that they never recovered from but at least it was fun.

10. Yes Precure 5
I've grown to appreciate this season more but again, so many cures that I don't rate highly.

9. Suite Precure
It's position after Heartcatch gave it the impossible task of trying to recapture the same glory but I found myself loving the art style along with a certain guitar haired Precure.

8. Precure Splash Star
I can't ignore the fact that the two Precures can easily be mistaken for the original duo but the fighting set a high standard to follow.

7. Mahou Tsukai Precure
The best duo since the original pair along with the most beautiful Precure. Strong in characters, weak in setting.

6. Go Princess Precure
The most fabulous Precure, no, Magical Girl series ever. Every transformation produces an ever bigger dress, it's pure unapologetic fun.

5. Futari Wa Precure
The first season is showing it's age but there's no denying that without it, the franchise would not reach such heights.

4. Hugtto Precure
Anniversary year aside, this is proof that Precure still has a place in the world, packed full of the most heart warming, emotional scenes Precure has ever had.

3. HappinessCharge Precure
This was when Precure was at it's most creative and deserves more praise than it gets.

2. Smile Precure
The last two I consider the seasons that best represent Precure. Fun, colourful, memorable precures, memorable villains, not afraid to get silly yet deliver an experience worthy of it's name.

1. Heartcatch Precure
Same reasons as Smile only this series is in a different league altogether. Every good quality that the franchise has is showcased here in Heartcatch, this season will never be topped.