Hello fellow Otaku!!
So this is an introductory section primarily for the sake of introducing myself... yay!

Before I do that, tho, here's a list of my accounts on other websites:
* Tumblr-Haitaka123
* DeviantArt-Haitaka123
* MyAnimeList-Haitaka

How did I get into anime/manga?
I have a gf who absolutely loves manga and anime. (Need I say more?)
Through my childhood I was never allowed to watch Pokemon, Yu-Gi_Oh, Bey-Blade, Naruto, etc.
Therefore, the first Anime I ever watched was Kiki's Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki when I was 11.
(about 17 years after it's release-Danish theaters were being slow)
My initial reaction was one of great awe. The movie was just SO AMAZING!!!
Miyazaki's skill and attention to detail was, and still is, one of the very best.
Shortly after that trip to the movies I had a full arsenal of every Studio Ghibli movie I could find.
I watched them constantly and became convinced that they must be the best movies I had ever watched!
After having been in the USA for 3-ish years, 4 girls in my class convinced me to start reading and watching more.
My gf (one of the girls who re-introduced me to manga/anime) gave me a llloooonnnnngggggg list of her favorite manga and anime. Naturally, I'm going through those first.
So far so good-I'll be putting the list (plus some other ones I've read/watched) on here so y'all know what craziness I'm enjoying! ^^
My favorite artist remains Miyazaki-so I decided my user name should relate to that. Haitaka is the Wizard from Tales from Earthsea-his name meaning Sparrowhawk.

I hope someone at least reads this. I see it as a great achievement if someone does : )
Anyway, I should really get to posting my list.

For info on my read/watch list, refer to my account on MyAnimeList

Have fun spending money and time on one of the most expensive "common" hobbies out there!! ^_^

Best wishes-Haitaka ^_~

From Katsu to Tumblr

Well hello, sorry for not posting anything in such a long time!! (although most of you probably have your hands full with all the great posters here at theO, leading me to wonder if this is ever going to be read)
Anyway something interesting happened...
1. I registered for Katsucon (Anime convention in the DC area)
2. I've decided to get a Tumblr soon
So... well firstly I have no idea if anyone cares about/is going to Katsucon since I dunno where most of you actually live XD But it would be cool if someone else from theO was going too ^^ As for the Tumblr thingy, if you want to PM me with your Tumblr username/URL or reply to this with it I really want to follow all of you as soon as I get an account!! ^^
Hope you all have had an awesome time, hopefully I'll see you on Tumblr when I get one!