Welcome to my world!! muhahahah yes its not a dream I have made a world.I will only say this once if you value your life then read my world or else well I always have my swords*cleans swords,guns etc*lol I think you get the picture.I think you will enjoy my world very much since its a matter of life or deathXD.

I'm fine

Hey guys, well when I recently received messages from a few people and realized alot of you who know I am from Pakistan might be worried, so I thought I would make a quick post and let you know I am fine.

Also I wanted to make something clear since alot of international media channels have been telling this news wrongly and I wanted to correct that. The children were not attacked/killed because they were learning/studying. The school was attacked by the terrorists in retaliation to the operation being done against them by the army. That's why they attacked that school in specific since it mostly has army officers children. Also the news of the hospitals discriminating and only attending to male students is false also. It was a boys school, so ya its highly likely when a boys school is attacked the victims and casualties are boys. Anyways I won't go into any further details for now, I just wanted to clarify those facts, formal complaints have already been made to news channels saying that by our government but I wanted to make this clear myself too.

Well hope everyone is doing good and sorry if I caused any worry. Stay safe guys.


Hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~! Howz everyone doing?!.......... I am talking to Mister empty again aren't I? (dodges bullets) *ahem* Anyways, Whats everyone upto these days? I do always check up on the site everyday even if its for a few mins but it makes me sad to see no one around these days especially on chat. So I thought I would say hi here and see how you guys are doing.

If your wondering about me, been super busy with university and what not. Seriously I can understand what Spartain style teaching means b/c of this @.@ but bla I do enjoy it too. I topped in my department in the first term, so I am super happy about that. Really thankful and glad all the hard work paid off.

Oh I got an eye operation a few weeks ago too.... (dodges angry pillows) Sorry for not telling ya, but no worries, I am doing alot better now. Got the stitches taken out and everything. It does hurt if I overexert it(Which i always end up doing *facepalm* no worries, my friends have scolded me tons for it already) but overall its healing pretty gd. So ya, but it was epic with the eyepatch and everything xD My bro kept calling me Kenpachi xD then my sis ended up drawing an eye on it when I was off guard -.- and then I looked like a cyclops (facepalm)

Anyways, that somewhat of what I have been upto, I do have tons of stories like always xD but I will tell ya those another time. For now tell me what you guys have been doing. Really missed ya guys alot.

Prepare the tissues!

whaaaaaa it was sad OK!! I just got back a few days ago from my trip (no no no the trip wasn't sad xD I am getting there) and I thought of watching Japanese animation movies for once (yes I have actually never tried them xD apart from 1 naruto movie, advent children and one other whose name I forgot @@ bla you get the point). Anyways soooooooooo I downloaded 2 movies. One of which was Wolf's children. So there I am only checking its quality and I end up watching the whole thing (facepalm). For ppl who get really easily senty when it comes to movies, ppl PREPARE YOUR TISSUE BOXES! cause this made me cry like hell DX Why you kiddies be so meanie to mommy... HUGGY HER FOR ALL THAT IS FURRY AND WOLFY!(yes I punned it but can u really blame me *shot*).TwT I won't add more since I don't wanna end up spoilering it but (don't read this part its a tiny lil like 3 min scene spoiler, so ur pick if u wanna or not wanna TwT) all I can say is WHY U LEAVE MOMMY ALONE DX seriously you find an unconscious mom and you leave her in the drive way? not 1 hug or word? are you kidding meh DX that part just made me cry a river in the literal sense. I guess for areas where moving out is normal, maybe it won't be that sad TwT bla (must control urge not to spoiler >.<). All in all its a gd movie, maybe not an epic one but a gd one. Sorry for all the hyperness guys xD I actually wrote all this 2 days ago when I just finished the movie but bla only got the chance today to post it. Anyways~! for those who have watched it, tell me if that part made you cry and for those who haven't, if ur as senty as me, don't forgot the tissues TwT

p.s I am sorry for all the emo ness DX (gives everyone apology cookies and runs away)

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Hey guys, well basically now that I am free for a while, I wanted to start watching some of the new shows everyone's talking about. Like Attack on titan(shingeki no kyojin) and well I need help =.=
I never knew there were so many fansub groups, rather to be honest I thought there was only one set of subs released world wide by the companies, hell I was wrong >> So basically I am stuck at deciding which group has the best translations. Some say go for gg! Some say no no, Lag-Taka is better! Then some go no no, Horriblesubs all the way! Then some say Hatsuyuki, etc etc(you get the idea) and basically I want to head desk atm. @@ I am getting more and more confused. Though gg looked more naturalistic to me, ppl commented that after the 1st ep they didn't do good translation. So basically my question to you guys is, which one is the most accurate or which group is best in your opinion? In translating, etc. (it can be other groups from these as well, I am just giving examples of the few I have heard when I tried to research) I will be waiting for your opinions guys!