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Hitsugaya and Chocolate Today

Hello and welcome fans of the Hitsugaya!!! I hope we can all be friends and talk about Hitsugaya.

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Today Our beloved Captain Hitsugaya visited Hueco Mundo and yelled at Aizen to give him chocolate, having previously asked Head Captian for a chocolate invasion. Head Captian said no of course. So there Hitsu-chan was in Hueco Mundo hoping, dreamming and yelling for his chocolate invasion!!! Mostly yelling though.

Why does Captain Hitsugaya like chocolate so much? It has a ton of sugar. A loooong time ago *flashback* Hitsu-chan was always a very short kid. He asked Head Captain when he first came to the Soul Society, how he could grow taller. Head Captain wasn't listening, and told him to eat lots of chocolate! Hitsu-chan believed the old man for once!! And that is why, my friend, Histu-chan eats so much chocolate!

This is meant to be funny. So laugh- or be frozen by Hyorimaru (if I spelled that rite?).