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I'm a vampire!


As always I am a fan of both The Birthday Massacre and twisted endings. This story was for phantomgirl21's Sideways Challenge. a certain line "fall to the floor: watching sideways" is supposed to be hidden in the story. So see if you can find it! Also Sideways from The Birthday Massacre's new album Pins and Needles is a completely awesome song! The name of this story is Assassin(yeah we know captain obvious)so pleases enjoy!

I open the door and step out into the cool, clear night. Tugging on the black jacket they gave me a long time ago. When did I start working there. When did they give me this jacket as "a symbol of commitment", they said. I cannot remember much, they said it was better this way. That the memory wipe every night was for own good, to protect our sanity.I stop walking, in front of me is the black car that has always been there, waiting for me.Inside the car Terra greets me as always. They let us remember this much. I will not remember anything after I get out of this car tomorrow morning.
"Don't worry about it Alice. Your always thinking too much about the injection," Terra says his calm, smooth voice. "With as long as you've been working here, you should really be used to it by now!"


Terra has always been my partner. He is always waiting for me outside my house ready to drive me anywhere. We work in pairs. They divide us into two groups: drivers and knives.
"I know I shouldn't think as much as I do. Where are we going?"
"That a girl Alice. And we're headed to 1932 on 68th street."
"Isn't that the mansion called..." I let my voice trial off. I cannot remember the name of the mansion. I know Terra is right, that I shouldn't think so hard about remembering.
"It's just our next job," says Terra. He is trying to comfort me.
Smiling, I do not want him to feel bad,"I know. Thanks Terra."
I see him nod and briefly look into the rear view mirror. We drive in silence until he stops the car.
Terra gets out, I know he is going to get my equipment out of the trunk. The cool night air consumes me as I step out into it. Terra hands me my equipment case.


"I know you'll do a good job. You always do." He pauses briefly before adding,"Finish this quickly and I'll treat you to dinner. Your choice."
"Thanks. I will." I says turning away towards the dark door of the mansion. Terra stops me. He hugs me tightly before letting go and pushing me towards the door. I promise him to finish as quickly as possible so that we can go to dinner.
Inside the mansion is dark, cold, damp. It almost seems abandoned- almost. Even though the air smells and feels like the inside of a cellar I can still see the tiny signs of life: Neat photographs lining the walls on both sides of me, few pair of shoes at the door one even, with socks, and despite the cold it seems almost cozy.
There is no for a complete tour of the house. I need to finish this quickly and quietly. Terra promised that... no. Thinking too much again. Clearing my mind I creep up the spiral staircase from the main hall to the second floor. Stopping to listen and hearing nothing I continue up the winding staircase to the third floor. Bingo! Listening I can hear a light snoring sound coming from the second bedroom to my right. Moving silently toward the door, I begins to unlock the case Terra gave me. He always packs everything so neatly... no, stop, forget. Forget everything and focus on the job they gave me. I must stop thinking so much.
Clearing my mind for the second time tonight, I stop in front of the door to the bedroom. Opening my now unlocked case I select a deadly, elegant, golden handled blade. My favorite and a present... I cannot remember who gave it to me or when and where I received it. Thinking too much-again. I shake my head to clear it.
Opening the door a crack I survey the room. It is very neat, but that is not important. I will not remember this room or even this house after tonight. I spy someone sleeping on a bed near a large window. That is all I need to know. Opening the door widely now, I slip inside. The r person sleeping on the bed is about a 40 or so year old male.


For a moment I think that I cannot do this. Terra always tells me not to think too much. I also know that if i do not do this they will punish me and I will not be able to eat dinner with Terra.
Closing my eyes, quieting my breath and calming my racing heartbeat, I set my case beneath the window. Lifting the knife, I moved silently toward the bed again. Without thinking I immediately drive the dagger home, stabbing him over and over again hitting directly into the center of his neck. I see his eyes snap open and bulge and the blood that has already soaked the soft lavender blankets and sheet of the bed. The that already drips onto the dark wooden floor boards. I smile brightly. I am enjoying myself, even though I know shouldn't. Finally stopping, breathing hard I walk back over to the window lifting the with ease, and grab my case before dropping onto the cold, hard ground below.


Terra is waiting for in front of the mansion where he dropped me off. He smiles seeing me and I smile back.
"Amazing, Alice! Done in 10 minutes flat! Now lets get back to them."
Terra opens the door into the black car. He takes my case and knife. I know that he will store them safely for me until our next job.
They usher me into a small black room. It is a room I do not remember, but feel as if I have been inside it before. There is a sharp pain in the back of my head and I fall to the floor watching sideways as a syringe injects some strangely familiar green fluid into my arm. I feel my eyes close as several different colors swirl before my eyes. The memory wipe, I think is what they call it. i know not to fight it now. Terra said...


I am outside. Terra is carrying me.
"Terra... Terra what happened?"I ask him,groaning in pain as I try to lift my head. "Where are we going?"
"We're going to eat dinner remember Alice? Your choice and my treat after doing such a good job." Smiling as he places me into the black car.
"Dinner? but I thought..." My head hurts and I do not want to think.
"Thinking way too much again Alice. We're going to dinner. See? Your already dressed. You fell asleep for me. I'm sorry I was so late in picking you up," Terra says cheerfully smiling. He glances over at me sitting next to him.
Looking at him I see he is wearing a very nice black suit. Looking down I see that I am wearing a very nice blue dress. It still feels as though I am missing something. Something important. Terra said I did a nice job, but I do not remember doing anything before I woke up.
"Terra... did I do something?"


"Don't think Alice. Don't remember. We're going out to eat so your should be happy," says Terra so softly I almost do not hear him...
I do not wish to think or remember. I am going to dinner. Terra is taking me to a nice restaurant. My choice and my treat for me.
I smile, "Yes. I am happy. We are going to a nice restaurant to eat and have fun."
Terra smiles back at me, "That a girl Alice. Now stop thinking so much, will you? Your starting to bring me down."
I say nothing. Just smile. This will be a fun night. I do not want to think. I do not want to remember, because thinking too much will just give me another head ache.

Hitsugaya and Chocolate Today

Hello and welcome fans of the Hitsugaya!!! I hope we can all be friends and talk about Hitsugaya.

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Today Our beloved Captain Hitsugaya visited Hueco Mundo and yelled at Aizen to give him chocolate, having previously asked Head Captian for a chocolate invasion. Head Captian said no of course. So there Hitsu-chan was in Hueco Mundo hoping, dreamming and yelling for his chocolate invasion!!! Mostly yelling though.

Why does Captain Hitsugaya like chocolate so much? It has a ton of sugar. A loooong time ago *flashback* Hitsu-chan was always a very short kid. He asked Head Captain when he first came to the Soul Society, how he could grow taller. Head Captain wasn't listening, and told him to eat lots of chocolate! Hitsu-chan believed the old man for once!! And that is why, my friend, Histu-chan eats so much chocolate!

This is meant to be funny. So laugh- or be frozen by Hyorimaru (if I spelled that rite?).