Welcome to KIRA's Kingdom!!

It's been nearly a decade since KIRA nearly controlled the entire world. His influence has all but faded, except for in the memories of his most devout followers. Some who remember his reign and wish it'd come to pass...

Yet there are still those who wish to never see that happen again as well...

There may be Spoilers ahead...so BEWARE!!!!

Yes! This is a Death Note RP! Really, I just want everyone to have fun playing around with what they'd do in certain situations! But so you know, there will be no Original Death Note Characters. I want each person to have their OWN CREATIONS and build them up themselves.

You can join a couple different factions as follows.
KIRA Supporters
Anti-KIRA Task Force
Normal People


KIRA Supporters-Must eliminate targeted criminals and threats without leaving traces of evidence. Become familiar with Leaders and show their support for KIRA's actions. (NO KILLING INNOCENTS!)

Anti-Kira task force-Open up case files and investigate any connections between old and current murders. Must try to build a case against the new Kira...investigate any strange murders pertaining to the Kira case.

Police/Detectives-Choose whether to side with Kira or not. Can be some dirty cops...those who destroy evidence from within the system!

F.B.I.-A separate division, investigates in secret.

Normal People-Offer Kira or police support through encouraging messages. Also can tip off either the police, or Kira...

Reporters/Newcastors-Find your stories and let the people of the world know the truth! Take bribes or not...help KIRA or the police...you decide!


Second KIRA-The Bone Snatcher

KIRA Supporters
Kill Sasuke
Dark Smile
Rexikat Rhapsody
shadows of hatred

Anti-KIRA Task Force
Lunar Oblivion
Turok Evolution
Luna Chan


chessy sensei(Closet KIRA supporter) >X3

Normal People
Quiet Noise
omocha omocha


Sole Storyteller

If you'd like to join pm me with the division you'd like to be in!!

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Conversations with Death

“Ugh!” I howled as I threw my pillow across the living room at the wall. “I swear one of these days I’m going to break that damn clock...” Glaring blearily at the wall a gently scratched my head before leaning back on my couch. I seem to have gotten into the habit of falling asleep watching the news. “I suppose this is what I get for sleeping on the couch again...” I contemplated just going back to sleep but by this time Jaaku was meowing up a storm pacing around me.

Between him and that damn clock going off, I resigned myself to my fate. I was NOT getting back to sleep tonight. “Oh well, might as well get up and make the best of my day...”

Later that day

I returned home from my trip to the mini mart down the street from my home, a bag of groceries in hand and Jaaku bounding up the stairs behind me.

“You do realize you’re a cat right? CAT. Not a dog, a cat...” With the way Jaaku looked up at me I almost completely forgot that I was now a killer for a moment. I was the Second KIRA and here I was having a conversation with a cat trying to explain to it that it was in fact a cat and not a dog. “Some fearsome killer you are SK...”I mumbled to myself as I shut my door.

As I wandered into my kitchen watching Jaaku carefully so as not to step on him I began to wonder what Miss Kaori would have to say about my new roommate. It is just a cat, it’s not like I’m hiding a criminal in my house. Unless you count the fact that he seems to have robbed me of all things metal in the house in which case I suppose that would make him a CAT burglar.

“Bad joke SK, probably one of the cheesiest you’ve come up with...” I laughed at myself as I pulled out the food stuffs from my bag and put them all in their appropriate living spaces in the fridge before placing a few apples, oranges and bananas in my fruit bowl on the counter over looking my living room.

“I used to hate the setup of this kitchen you know...” I told the cat as I leaned against the counter on my hands.

“Mreow.” Was all I got in response.

“Look at me; I’m talking to a cat like I expect a response...” I chuckled and stood up straight, crossing my arms looking over the place. It wasn’t until the news came back on that I decided to plunk myself back down in my chair, Jaaku bounding up into my lap not long after and I soon found myself lost in the screen. I think I may have been far more lost in the news broadcast than I first thought or I would have noticed the apple floating by my head. But nope, it was the sudden deep voice booming beside my head that finally snapped me out of it.

“Apples in the human world are so much better than the ones in the Shinigami world...” Is what it said. I yelped and almost jumped out of my seat, clutching the arms of the chair and stiffing entirely. I whipped my head towards the voice only to find myself staring at nothing other than Kaori’s shinigami. For a moment I was in shock, confused as to just WHAT was happening, until I realized who, or what, it was. After calming down and settling back into my chair I cast the shinigami a fierce glare and growled.

“You scared the hell out of me...” I muttered turning my head back to the TV.

“Hahahaha. Aw, did I? I’m sorry...” The shinigami replied, the sarcasm practically OOZING out of him. Up until this point I hadn’t cared for why this shinigami was here until I realized that Kaori was not with him. There was no knocking at the door nor any phone calls so it truly was a mystery to me as to why it was here.

“What are you doing here anyway? Where’s Kaori?” I asked.

“She’s at work. Where else would she be at this time of day?”

“If she’s at work then why are you HERE?”

“Well you and Kaori were so busy that, we never really got the chance to acquaint ourselves last time. So here I am.”

“I see...” Now that it was mentioned, I did have a few burning questions about all this that I’d been dying to ask him.

“So SK huh? Not exactly subtle is it?” He mocked.

“Perhaps not to those in the know. But there are numerous two letter names, why should mine be any different?”

“Not everyone is a killer.” The shinigami howled with laughter when I gave him another glare. “It’s like you’re screaming to your detective friends that you ARE KIRA.”

“The Second perhaps, not the true one. That is a role reserved for Miss Kaori.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little dangerous to be hanging out with the very men trying to stop you both?”

“Perhaps in a way it is, but it could also prove to be beneficial to our cause.”


“Yes, you see. Dante and I go way back. Auron may not have cared as much but Dante. Well, let’s just say he’s willing to do just about anything for me.”

“You’ve lost me SK...”

“Think about it. Dante’s a detective right?”

“Yeah so what?”

“Well, he’s world renowned which means he has access to classified information on criminals around the globe. If I just pretend like I’ve develop an interest in criminal behaviours since he’s been gone he’d be more than happy to give me the information I need to complete my research.” I paused to give the shinigami a moment to catch up before continuing. “And as long as it’s Dante I’m dealing with, Auron shouldn’t really care as long as Dante receives the files back in the same condition he gave them to me and I don’t take them home with me.”

“Hahahaha. You’re going to use your enemies to your benefit. You’re certainly nothing like Misa was...”

“Who’s Misa?” My question seemed to amuse him and he leaned closer to me.

“Misa Amane was the original Second KIRA.” Now it made sense. I thought the name seemed familiar but I couldn’t be sure if it was because this person was famous or if I had simply heard the name somewhere on the streets.

“I see...” I turned my head and traced over the information in my head. Misa Amane, huh? Perhaps I should look into this... Turning my attention back to the shinigami a thought suddenly struck me. This may be a shinigami but certainly he has to have a name. “Say, I just realized something.”

“Oh yeah? And what might that be?”

“You said you came here because we hadn’t had a chance to acquaint ourselves and yet, you’ve yet to really give me the opportunity to ask you anything.”

“Ghekeke, you’re right.” He leaned closer again. “So, what did you want to know SK...?”

“Well, for starters I’d like to know your name. Shinigami is a bit of a mouthful.” I looked him over silently for a moment. “Surely you have one.” He seemed to study me intently as he stood up. I could feel his eyes tracing over every inch of me like he was examining a piece of art. I have to admit it did unnerve me a little but, wouldn’t that unnerve anyone if they had a giant creature like this towering above them looking them up and down? But it wasn’t until he cracked up in another fit of laughter that I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

“Ghekkeke. You’re an odd one alright. Far different from Misa but not that far off from Light.” Now I was confused. Who the hell was Light? Could that be the original KIRA he was referring to? I didn’t have much time to think about it before he spoke again. “So you want to know my name eh?”

“Yes, I do...”

“Ghekeke.” He tilted his head in such a way that made his eyes glow a brilliant red in the darkness of my apartment and said only one thing more to me before vanishing. “Ryuk.”

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Second KIRA - Profile Revised

-laughs- I know this is WAY old but I thought it was time to update SK's profile xD But my god has it been a while since I've posted or what? Not jut here in KIRA's Kingdom but on TheO in general lol I've sent someone a reminder about this on the chance we start this up again in the future lol Hopefully they've gotten my message -coughs- Turok -coughs- But anywho, here's SK's new profile :D I was actually thinking about writing up a new post for him just for the heck of it and for the sake of good times in this rp ;D So without further delay, here is his new profile:

Real Name: N/A

Alias: Second KIRA, SK, Kai Kiamari (( Played off of the new KIRA through fascination with her )), Yami (( J.J's name for him, means darkness ))

Gender: Male (( As per the likings of the others in the DN RP :D ))

DOB: October 31st, 1999 (( Because he lives in the year 2023 ))

Age: 24

Eyes: Black/Green

Hair: Black w/Red down the centre and spilling down the back

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 125 lbs

Background: There is little known about SK's history. SK was adopted and never knew his real family. The family that took him in, the Kiamari's, never gave him a real name. Instead they just called him 9 (( because he was their ninth child )) which is part of the reason he has so much paranoia about the number.

SK had a rather low amount of faith, being little to none, in the first Second KIRA but now that he's been given this chance to help the new KIRA change the world he feels he can finally show the world how the first should have acted and why it was that she failed in His (( Light's )) quest.

At some point during SK's life with the Kiamari family he took off in the hopes of finding his real family. When he did it ended traumatically resulting in the death of his real mother and the suspected suicide of his father. According to witnesses his father blamed him for the death of his mother.

Personality: Mysterious, very withdrawn, a Very morbid sense of how certain criminals should be dealt with, sadistic, usually blackmails people into doing things (( particularly his childhood friend Dante )), seems to have a severe and obsessive paranoia with the number 9. To SK the Number is bad luck and can only be counteracted with the number 6 which is the number 9 in reverse and upside down, therefore stopping any and all problems attached to and associated with the 9. Tends to get very jittery and uncooperative if the 9 cannot be counteracted and will pace back and forth counting to 6, stopping and restarting the count up to 6, repeating this process until a solution to the 9 can be found. SK won't set foot out of the house on day's with the number 9 and refuses to move from the desk or his living room during the 9th month of the year (( September ))

View of KIRA: SK feels the original lacked something this new KIRA has which is why he failed. He has a profound dislike of the first Second KIRA and often refuses to admit she was ever a part of His plan (( Light's ))

Likes: Pointless walks, watching the new's for KIRA's latest move and other criminals that need to be punished, crosses (( Always wears one around his neck after obtaining his cat Jaaku )), the number 6

Dislikes: Criminals, corrupt people, the government (( feels they're not doing enough to bring criminals to justice and keep them behind bars )), the number 9, the line at the end of most socks

Marco: Romesick

February 1st – 7:00 am

My cell phone rings. Who’s the bastard calling me so soon in the morning? I’m not even used to this time zone yet! If it’s my boss, today is the day I’ll lose my job, I swear it! As if yesterday’s ranting over my latest article wasn’t enough already…

I pick it up and look at the screen. Relieved, I smile.

Ciao, bella.”

“Hey there, little brother.” Lucia. Finally, a pleasant voice. “Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No, I was already getting up. How are things back in Rome?”

“The same. How about you? You go to Japan and don’t even tell your sister, how rude!”

“Heh. I don’t mean to linger too much around here. I just want a good story, that’s all.”

Silence. I know it’s not a problem on the line; it’s obvious what she’s thinking.


“Marco. That’s my name here. See, I don’t wanna take any risks.”

“So why did you go after this new Kira? Tell me you’re not willing to…”

“I’m no idiotic teenager anymore, sister. I know he’s not God. After all, he never caught the guy who tried to hurt you.”

“That’s past, Tonio.”

“Yeah, I know, chill out. I just want a good story. After that, I’ll be home in no time.”

“Fine… Just don’t risk yourself, okay? Take care.”

“You too.”

Still treating me like a rebel adolescent. Well, I don’t blame her.

I slowly get up. Crap. Half day wasted on finishing that article, and for what? My boss hated it. Something about “risking the lives of devout Japanese cops by revealing their names”. At least that’s what I got in the middle of all the cursing. As if he gives a damn about cops…

Suddenly, people are yelling and running down the hotel corridors. Still shirtless, I open the door and grab the first employee that passes by, asking what’s going on.

“Kira killed a robber! They found a dead body in a building’s hallway, less than a block away from here!”

A glimpse of my camera dropped next to the bed gives me no second thoughts. In less than a minute, I’m fully dressed and running down the street, following the flow of curious people, half of them tourists from the same hotel. There’re probably other journalists among them… Screw it, just one or two decent pictures will suffice to save my job.

I arrive right before two police cars cover the sidewalk next to the entrance. I take two, three hasty shots before the cops form up a line and push the onlookers back. Hah! Who said size doesn’t count? Luckily, the policewoman right in front of me is too short to cover my camera’s lens on the top, and I photograph the corpse again before the doors are closed. Take that, Japanese midgets!

With the entrance sealed, the crowd slowly loses interest. Some stay, hoping to see something, but they only get the angry looks of the police officers standing in front of the building. I’m not among them. I look behind as I walk back to the hotel, satisfied. It’ll take a while until the body’s removed and all the residents are questioned, but the police can’t lock people in their homes forever.

I’ll be back in a while.

* * *

10:20 am

Three hours and a hearty breakfast later, things are calm around the building. People still pass by and point at it, but apparently everyone moved on with their lives. From the other side of the street, I observe the police officers as they open the doors and leave the place. No sign of the dead body; the probably removed it while I still was back in the hotel.

The last car goes, and I walk in. This Japanese cops are efficient, I’ll give them that. No trace left of a murder being committed here in the last few hours. Well, Kira was always known for the clean deaths, but still… Nothing from which I can start my own research.

Well… Maybe I’ll find a resident willing to answer the same questions the cops certainly asked them over and over. I look at the closest door and knock.

Now comes the part I don’t like.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Marco’s here again! Sorry for staying away for so long, folks. Your favorite cranky Italian journalist is back, lol.
Hope you enjoy!
Thanks to Bones, for lending me SK’s last appearance as a hook for Marco’s move!

Too Close For Comfort, But Things Are Looking Up...

" So she got me... " I muttered stirring the ashes of the paper in the tin. " But make no mistake Kaori, I'll pull a card one day you cannot foil with a second... " I leaned back now, head tilted skyward lost in thought. At least my effort wasn't in vane, I DID get what I wanted. Which was proof of her identity and there was no doubt in my mind that KIRA was in fact Kaori. The shinigami was more then enough evidence to prove that to me. Now it was just a matter of time. " Perhaps I should go for a walk... " With that said I got up, got dressed and walked out the door. I was just about to open my mailbox as I came to the end of the stairs when I heard a familiar voice call to me.

" Excuse me, you're Mr. SK right? " The voice asked. I turned my head only to find myself staring at the girl I met the night I killed those three rapists.

" Yes that would be me. Why do you ask? " I replied trying to keep my cool.

" It's me, Megumi. We met that night those three awful men were killed. Do you remember? "

" Oh, yes of course Miss Megumi. How could I forget " I put on a warm smile to hide any signs of my earlier meeting with Kaori that might be showing. " How are you? "

" Good thank you " She smiled sheepishly in return. ' Foolish little girl ' I thought to myself. ' I'm much to old for you... " I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. You left so suddenly I never had the chance to. And I wanted to make sure you were OK. "

" I beg your pardon? " Now it came back to me. I remembered a conversation with J.J about that very night. I still didn't know whether or not Megumi saw anything and now she's refering to my injury. I had almost forgotten I had been shot so how she knew about it was beyond me at this point. I had to think of something fast.

" I heard that one of the people involved in the scuffle out front of the building ws hurt. Like shot or something that's what people were saying... "

' Fantastic... ' I half growled in my head. ' Another thing that never crossed my mind. SK you really are a perfect idiot sometimes. How could I not think that there could be other people watching from their balconies or even across the street? ' " What ever do you mean? " I asked trying not to let my panic show. " And how in the world did you find out where I live anyway? "

" Oh, I saw Kaori on the way home from school and I asked her if she knew where you lived "

" What gave you the idea that Kaori and I knew each other? "

" Well, you seemed very interested in her when I mentioned her to you last time we met so I thought maybe you two would hook up yeah know? " Now I was just embarrassed. I wouldn't lie, I do find Kaori appealing but this is a business relationship and she knows next to nothing about me not to mention I know next to nothing about her. But...

" Oh, I see. Heh, well um. Yes I'm fine thank you for asking. " I turned back to my mailbox and locked it but stopped before heading back up stairs to my appartment. " Say, didn't you say Miss Kaori has a sister living with her? "

" Hm? Oh yes, a little sister I believe. Why? "

" Oh, just curious that's all... Oh by the way. Here. " I slipped the pen I had stolen from her the night I killed the three men out of my pocket and handed it to her.

" My pen! Where on Earth did you find that? I thought I'd lost it for good! " She grabbed it almost as if it were made of gold.

" I found it in the alley after that little spectical but I didn't know your appartment number so I just kept it in the hopes that I'd run into you again. "

" Thank you so much Mr. SK. It really means a lot to me. '

" An old pen? "

" It was my mothers you see. She died in an accident and this is all I have left of hers. I lost everything else in a house fire. "

" Oh I see. I'm sorry to hear that. "

" Oh it's OK, it happened years ago now anyhow... "

" What about your father? "

" He was a criminal killed by KIRA... " I froze as soon as the name KIRA left her lips.

" How long ago was this? "

" Way before he resurfaced. I think he was killed before I was born. But I guess he was a real bad guy from what my mother told me about him... " I fell silent at the thought of it all. ' So... Light Yagami killed Megumi's father... To think a demon like that would be capable of producing such an angel... It sickens me... I had to end this conversation before things went to far.

" Well Miss Megumi. I do hope you have a safe trip home but I must be on my. I have some business I need to attend to before the day is out. " A few more words were exchanged before Megumi took her leave and I slipped my mail under my door and headed out for the walk. I think I had gotten no more then six blocks from my building when my phone rang scaring me half out of my wits. I answered half tempted to eat the person on the end of the line alive. " Moshi moshi. "

" Computer quiz geeko. The four most popular types of contact temperature sensors, go. " It was Dante of all people.

" How did I know it was you. " I said rather flatly before humoring him. " A thermocouple uses two different metal wires, each of which moves a different quantity of electrons when heated to the same temperature. The difference between elecetron quantities is measured as a voltage. A wire-wound or thin-film thermistor consists of resistive material that increases, which are positive-temperature types, or decreases, which are negative-temperature types, in resistance in response to inscreases or decreases in heat. " I paused giving Dante the time he needed to absorb what I just said.

" MmmHmm, very good keep goin. " I half laughed as I strode down the street and continued.

" A resistance-temperature detector, or RTD, acts as one leg of a Wheatstone bridge circuit in which a small amount of currentt produces a resistance change proportional to temperature change. Semiconductor IC temperature sensors are based on silicon bandgaps in which the forward base-emitter voltage, or Vbe, of a diode is temperature-dependent. Anything else you need to know? " He was rather silent for a moment before he replied.

" Hmm, more on a Wheatsone bridge circuit later " I couldn't help but crack up a bit.

" Why the pop quiz? "

" Just needed the info. Anyhow I gotta fly. Catch yea later maybe? "

" Maybe... "

" Right, you busy with Apple girl? "

" No, just busy. "

" Avoiding me. " I knew Dante was joking but part of me screamed yes. I let out a nervous laugh just so he wouldn't question me any further before we hung up and I continued to the park. It wasn't until I realized how late it was getting that I turned around and made my way home. By the time I walked into my building it was 10:30 at night.

I was almost at the front door when out of nowhere an all to familiar cat strolled out of the hedges. It was almost like clock work, every time I came home at or around 10:30 this strange looking mangy cat was always hanging around. I had always assumed it belonged to someone in the building albeit, it was wearing a cross around its neck and hung around the main entrance waiting to be let in.

" Come back again have you? " I had questioned Mrs. Kiamari about the cat and found out that this one was in fact a stray that just hung around the place. So naturally I had taken to bringing it in when I saw it and leaving my window open so it could come and go as it pleased. " Well come on then. No sense in you mopeing about out here... " I opened the door and stepped in, the cat bounding up the stairs ahead of me like a bat out of hell. " You know I'm starting to get superstitious about you cat. Something bad always happens whenever you're around... " I shook my head and unlocked my door letting the mangy stray bound in and up onto my chair before I headed into the kitchen to fetch it something to eat. " Here you go Jaaku... " Jaaku was what I had decided to call the cat because when we first met, it was vicious as all else.

After feeding the mangy feline I strolled over to the window and opened it a crack before I plopped down on my couch and flipped the T.V. on. As always I had left it on a news station only to fall asleep in front of it again. Had it not been for Jaaku meowing and the neighbours god awful grandfather clock going off again at midnight I don't think I would have awoken to find what I saw next. There in my living room was a man all in black sifting through my personal affects with a bag. I shot upright just as he stuck his head in my cabinets to loot through them.

" Hey! " I yelled startling him. He jumped and made a beeline right for the open window he had crawled through for a quick escape. Not wanting to waste any time I bolted after him but before I could even touch him he stopped and clutched his chest like he was in pain. I almost leaned down to see if he was alright, then I remembered the list Kaori had shown me. The one with all the criminals listed on it. " This man must have been one on that list... " Then it hit me. " The Death Note. Oh no.. " In a panic I ran to the table where I had hidden it and pulled the secret compartment open. Empty. I was almost distraught at this point. I quickly pushed the man off the pack he had with him and looted through it until I found the red note book sitting there safe and sound. I sighed with relief at having it back in my possession. " That was to close for comfort... " Standing up I dusted myself off then I made haste and pulled the man out into the hallway as quickly and quietly as I could. After which I slunked back into my room, Death Note in hand and leaned against the door with a tired breath. It wasn't long before Jaaku came bounding over to me like nothing had happened. " I told you that you were bad luck... " I grumbled as I leaned down to pet him. It was then I decided I'd had enough of this cat and his filthy fur bringing me such trouble when he was around so I gave him a quick bath which, even though he cried like I was torturing him, he seemed very thankful for afterwords. But I didn't understand why he wouldn't let me put the cross back on him. " Oh fine have it your way you stubborn little brat. " Instead of fighting with him I simply threw it around my neck and threw myself back on the couch and fell asleep.

I slept in that morning, even through my alarms going off. It wasn't until I heard a loud knock on the door that I jumped off the couch and half ran half tripped into the darn thing before reaching the door. I threw it open only to come face to face with a police officer standing there with a steely expression.

" Mr uhh. SK is it? " His voice boomed in my quiet apparment.

" Umm, yes. That's me sir. " I mummbled still half asleep.

" Did you hear anything at all last night? Out here in the hallway perhaps? "

" Hmm? " I leaned out to see what he was talking about. There was the man I had dragged out of my appartment from last night. The one that had tried to make off with my Death Note. " No, I didn't hear anything. Unless of course you're asking about my neighbours evil incarnate grandfather clock that goes off every night at midnight... " The officer didn't seem quite convinced at first. I half expected him to ask for a look around my place but to my surprise he did nothing of the sort.

" Alright. But if you happen to hear any of the tenants talking you give me a call sir. " He handed me a business card with his name and number on it, bowed and left. I closed my door still starring at the card in my hands as I strolled back into the living room all the while keeping a hand on the cross I had taken from Jaaku. Jaaku who to my surprise was still passed out in my chair.

" Huh... That mans a detective... And it seems he's working with my dear friends... This may come in handy at a later date should we need to rid ourselves of any vermin in the future... " I sat back with a satisfied gleam plastered on my face and flicked on the morning news. News that only brought a wider smile to my face...

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Long time no see...Ryuk...

February 1st, 2023 ~ 3:40pm
Kagura Gakko

I was at school...and skipping a very boring class...I was laying on the roof-top, a sunny day in the north of Tokyo (sunny for a winter day)...I was throwing up and down an apple from a bunch that was surrounding me; then I threw one straight up...very high and something caught it ‘cause it stopped right there in the air, I could see the shape of it...
“Long time no see...Ryuk...”
The shinigami came down on the roof while devouring the apple.
“Hey J.J-chan...Have more?”
“Always greedy...yes I have if you are willing to talk...”
“Getting bored again no?...have a new owner or just taking a long walk through the human realm?”
“You already know everything...why ask me? I want another one...can I?”
“Sure” I throw him another one, from the bunch.
“Who’s is it?”
“What?...the Note?...I don’t know I found it.” said Ryuk
“Liar...you found it before me?”
“Well I was around when it lost the Note...”
“You stole it...”
“Okay...that is fine with me, but I’m warning you, I’ll keep an eye on you...”
“Yeah...sure like always...” and then he took some more apples from the ground and flew away.
“Hey I’m not done with you! Don’t you run, you...”

“You’re not done...with who?” said Rei from the door...
“Damn! for how long was she standing there...” I got up and looked at her very shocked...”Now I’ve done it, because I’m still a little tired I can not sense the people approaching me...damn...” then calmly I said “Did I said something?”
“Yes...” said Rei
“No I didn’t.”
“But I heard you...”
“No you didn’t...you heard nothing...understood?” I said a little irritated
“But...” Rai said kind of confused
“Did I said something?”
“Something...when?” asked Rei
“I don’t know...”
“Why did you came here?” I asked with the most innocent voice
“To tell you that class is over...it’s sport class now, you have to get changed...”
“Sure...I’ll be there in a minute...”
I heard Ryuk laughing... “Shut your mouth you idiot...”

While going down the stairs, Rei asked me:
“J-chan...did you ever got the feeling that you forgot to say or do something?”
“Yes...but if I forget, that means it’s not so important...”
“Yeah, perhaps you are right...”
“That was close, I hate to erase people’s memories while playing with their minds and I know it is forbidden to do it...but if I don’t have a choice...”

Okay long time since I haven't been here...Gomen kudasai KIRA!!!!!!
So here is a small meeting between 2 "old friends". Here is the first time J.J shows a little more of the power she possesses. Oh and I moved the date a little...so it's already February ^_____^
Thank you again omocha omocha for the help, Rei is getting suspicious...
Hope you like it !! ^_____^