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I am very bad at drawing poses. I was just attempting to draw energetic poses but they all look like somebody is falling or messed up, so I enhanced one of the doodles with speed lines so they did look like they were falling down! XD

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For that OC december thing which I never did...I drew an antagonist and a really old OC Hyojin Tzu. Then I drew peeps from Idolling 'cause yeah. I realized that I don't actually have any antagonists, it was really difficult finding one. Most of the antagonists of my stories are the protagonist themselves...or maybe the situations or choices are bad...but usually there isn't one bad guy trying to ruin them.

So for my antagonist I chose the secret main character of a story I keep telling myself I am going to write but the laaazzeee....;orz

Drew pics of singer from Sakanaction while watching the music video:

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I thought his outfit looked cool so I couldn't help but draw him.

I actually have more of him on the other page but I forgot to take a picture of it...but oh wellzzz...:D

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Some character designing for my webcomic. Trying to understand Seiichi as a full character....

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Stuff I did in the car on Monday on the way to mah grammie's house (I don't actually call her that! XD). Just some new character designs and redesigns of old characters. I have had them in my head for a while, I just wanted to see what they looked like again.

Welp, das it gaiz!

I was planning on doing my nails now...but I accidentally bought washable kids paint instead of acyrlic paint and now I am sad and dun wanna paint my nails...;m; Maybe I will go play some games or sometin' I dunno. Tomorrow I will work on more mangoes and do some shopping, some laundry, maybe then I will get some acrylics and do my nails~ ;D

I go back to school on Tuesday...but it's all good 'cause it's ANIME AND MANGA CLASS! Woot! Supah excited wit mah favourite professor and all~ WOOT!

Oh yeah, I just moved back into my dorm today! It feels really empty because my roommate transferred to another college and now I have the room to myself...which is actually quite sad. I like having a roommate..;3; But now I can have a couch and more space to spread out my stuff! :D I organized my makeup and nail stuffs too and omigosh! Just realized I can buy stuff on amazon with a gift card. Gonna go do that!

Getting excited talking about all the things I can do right now~ I dislike being in my house because it's small and cramped, but I feel like I have so much space right now. To be honest it's just a problem of table space, not really walking space or anything...

But yeah, I'll stop talking here. Post is already waaaayyy too long.


SKATCHES!!! Numbah Uno

'cause sketches has an 'a' in it. Yes it does, don't deny it! >:0

Since I just discovered I have batteries in my desk I have a lot of pics to go through so I will have two sketch dump posts.

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Nostalgia~ *3* I just felt like drawing nostalgic things. It all started with the kirby. Then I was thinking about all the other stuff I was obsessed with when I was younger so then I drew some more kirby stuff (because that's what I first drew when I was little. NONSTOP KIRBY). Then after that phase I remember being obsessed with Evolution Worlds. The only stuff in my diary was about Evolution Worlds and all the stories I wrote at the time were with the Evolution Worlds characters. So I tried drawing Linear and Yurka in my style. I really like drawing Yurka and I kind of want to draw him some more. At the bottom is Heero Yuy and Tsugaru. Tsugaru was one of the bad guys in one of the Tenchi Muyo series. He's a pretty minor character but he just LOOK SO COOL! ;3;

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I think I just continued drawing fanart-y stuff that I've been wanting to draw. Tried drawing Rokuro from Deadman Wonderland...for some reason I thought his hand was over his eye...hence the 'wurt'...'cause it's supposed to be on his neck...;orz

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Mads Mikkelsen!! I drew him in 5 minutes before my art class. I was feeling down about my inability to draw the face like the model so I tried drawing Mads and I think I did pretteh okay wit it.

The bottom couple is an illustration of my friends' alter egos. The one with darkened eyes is Mr. Flowers a Ukrainian mob boss and my other friend is his prostitute. Don't ask. My friends make no sense. The weirdest part about it is that they requested this drawing and didn't expect it to be borderline yaoi. I mean, with that it definitely screams yaoi typical pairing...XD

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Was listening to pokemon moozix hence the pic 'o Gary. I also tried drawing Tamamori Yuta.

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Berserk stuffs. Also tried drawing Andrea Cavalcanti...need to work on that. Trying to branch out into manlier men. Or pretty manly men...if that makes any sense?

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Seiichi! Peeps! OMAIGAH! And then some notes on what ta do in mah manga...pretteh boring page 'cept for the da fact that it's in pencil and I rarely use pencil. For once I was like 'wonder what it feels like to draw with a pencil' Then I remembered it smudges so I stopped that.

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Character designs for a one shot. Not sure where I am going with the designs, but I felt I had to put something down.

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This is technically the oldest the chronology of pages in this post. When I felt like drawing nostalgic stuff. I drew Aka and Wakusei. My two marysue characters from long ago that I drew all the time.

I tried drawing some chibis...need to work on that some moar.

I saw these two guys at my school and I thought they looked super cool so I tried drawing them and it didn't work out. They weren't particularly good looking, just their style and looks weren't anything I had seen before.

I also read something about how if when you write your words lean left and right in the middle of the words then you have some sort of schizophrenia. It's total bullocks but I do have my letters leaning different ways when I write. Writing is just such a struggle for me, even if I try to write cleanly I always end up having some kind of shock of confusion and can't finish the cleaniless of the writing. I dunno..writing is a weird uncomfortable feeling for me.

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This was going to be finished and it was going to be a Happy Halloween thing, but I only gave myself an hour to do it so I didn't end up finishing it...;orz It is a pic with some of my many characters like Seiichi in a dress and Klan being normal and Hisoka being cute and Tadao playing with Seiichi and Ana with a dress on and Poe doing her thang. Yap....I should finish it eventually anyway.

But this is the reason I didn't do any holiday pics this year 'cause I ended up not having enough time for this pic so I didn't find time for the other ones...

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CAPED BALDY! I love love LOVE One Punch Man! The story is awesome, the art is just sooo so perfect and I am extremely in love with this manga. So I drew some Saitama 'cause he's supah easy to draw.

This was drawn during a study break thing my school was having during finals. They gave us crayons and colouring book pages, but I just decided to draw my on stuff 'cause I don't really like to colour.

I drew Mr. Flowers again as well as some Griffith (really terribly drawn) and a winged walrus with a flowing mane...O.o; As requested by one of my friends. I also drew one of my friends while she as colouring in the top left corner.


Ran out of pic space on this post so I will be making another post soon with the rest of what I haven't posted on here!

True Story's Bolding Meme

I'm do TrueStory's meme~ It looks much more interesting than many meme's I've done.


Your age is between 10-15.
Your age is between 16-23.
Your age is between 25-30
Your age is above 30+
Your name starts with A-G.
Your name starts with E-K.
Your name starts with L-R.
Your name starts with S-Z.
You love your name. (I like it, wouldn't say I love it 'cause that suggests some sort of attachment to my name that is past normal attachment)
You hate your name.
Your name is pretty okay.
You're female.
You're male.
You're gender-fluid.
You're genderless.
You're hetrosexual.
You're homosexual.
You're bisexual.
You're pansexual.
You're asexual.
You're demisexual.
You're something not listed.
You're unsure. (I'm both because although I say I am heterosexual, I have gotten to the point where I have just seen sexuality as an object and not as an experience so I don't actually know.)


You have brunette hair.
You have blond(e) hair.
You have black hair.
You have ginger/red hair.
You have dyed hair.
You have freckles.
You have a "beauty mark."
You're tall.
You're average.
You're short.
Your eyes are brown.
Your eyes are hazel.
Your eyes are green.
Your eyes are blue.
Your eyes are another color. (Blue gray green yeah! Point of debate for many. I'll just keep with that description)
You wear glasses.
You wear contacts.
You love the way you look.
You hate the way you look.
You think that you're pretty decent looking. (Everyone is pretty decent looking. Even the people who look like the most beautiful people ever have some defect, but then that's only if you are looking for the defect, and most people are when they look in the mirror)


You're outgoing.
You're friendly.
You're protective.
You're kind. (I'd like to think so)
You're awkward.
You're shy.
You're beyond shy.

You're confident.
You consider yourself to be weird. (No I don't, and it does bother me a little bit when people tell me I am even though they don't mean it as an insult)
You're funny.
You think that you're annoying.
You're mellow.
You're seductive.
You're sassy.
You're a jerk with a heart of gold. (Dunno what that means! XD I am jerk even though I don't mean to be?)
You're just a jerk.
You're a bit of a crybaby.
You're anxious/nervous.
You're serious.
You're grumpy.
You're happy 24/7.
(Now, how can all be all these things and still happy? Because I am an optimistic pessimist! I like to see good in bad things, but still think bad things!)


Long words.
Drunk drivers.
Police abusing power.
Space/the universe.
Going to prison.
Rejection/being forgotten.
Everything. (I think I am also philophobic (fear of romance) 'cause I fit the description of phobia towards romance)

Favorite things.

The sound of rain.
New music by your favorite artist.
(kikuo fffffff)
Pandora Radio.
The internet.
The smell of coffee.
Going out to eat.
Cuddling your pet(s)
Perfect grammar.
Being kissed.
Being cuddled.
Knowing you are loved.
Drawing something and it turns out right.
Watching your favorite movie.
When the pain stops.
Going to the beach.
Sniffing flowers.
Creepy stuff.
Seeing bad people get punished. (No, nobody should be punished. Reforming guys, not punishing. But then reforming could also cause psychological damages, but this is a grey topic)
Halloween time.
Funny memes.


You've broken a bone, or multiple bones.
You've been in a car crash.
You've almost died before.
You've had a serious cut.
You're had stitches.
You've been badly burned.
You've been attacked by an animal. (my cat, but not so bad. I could control the situation)
You've had a tooth, or teeth removed before.
You have/had braces.
You wear dentures.
You're deaf.
You're blind.
You have insomnia.
You sleepwalk.
You stutter.
You've had a form of cancer, but survived.
You currently have a form of cancer.
You have epilepsy.
You have seizures.
You're mute.
You have tourettes.
You have dyslexia.
You have anxiety.
You have depression.
You have dysthymia.
You have bipolar disorder.
You have down syndrome.
You have Histrionic personality disorder.
You have OCD.
You have schizophrenia.
You have autism.
You have antisocial personality disorder.
You have asperger Syndrome.
You have something else not listed.

Deep/personal questions. (Optional, you can skip if you want.) (Bros, dun get mad at me for my beliefs. They just be beliefs, they are subject to change and most of my beliefs are quite out there anyway)

You agree with the death penalty.
You are against the death penalty.
You are pro-life.
You are pro-choice.
You are for gay marriage.
You are against gay marriage.
You have attempted suicide.
You have self-harmed.
You have taken drugs.
You have been drunk before.
You are a virgin.
You are not a virgin.
You are okay with open relationships.
You are against open relationships.
You have cheated before.
You have never cheated.
You've been cheated on.
You've been to a mental hospital.
You've seen a therapist. (I think I should, otherwise I don't know what the purpose of a therapist is...O.o; But there are too many negative stereotypes of people who go to therapy, I think that's wrong)
You've had a mental breakdown.
You've been too depressed to get out of bed.
You believe God is real.
You don't believe God is real.
You've had a miscarriage.
You've given up a child to adoption.
You still live with your parents. (I go to college, but I don't have the money not to live with my parents)
You support war.
You're against war.
You like to set fires.
If you could get away with it, you would kill someone. (Naw, that doesn't solve anything, that just makes bigger mysteries.)
You would kill someone for a million dollars. (not worth it. What would I do for a million dollars?)
You would rather save an animal than a human. (because the human has loads of people supporting their safety and the animal has very few people supporting it. If the person died many people would be sad, could the same be said for an animal?)
You've robbed someone.
You've beaten up a person.
Your'e been to prison.
You hate your parents.
You hate your whole family.
You hate yourself.
You love yourself and hate everyone.
If you could, you would blow up the whole world. (see Otogizoushi; Basically just because you think the world is bad and the only way to restore it would be by destroying it you are missing a lot about the world because the bad in it is the good and unending greatness is bad <-- this is my belief, not the conclusion of Otogizoushi, but that is a major topic is discusses)


I just want to relieve some stress right here, also so you guys know I'm alive~ :D

I just keep ignoring deviantart, theotaku, and other art places 'cause I want to stop thinking about the need to post art on there, even though I should. I just don't feel like doing any finished art pieces right now...Every time I try to finish a pic I just feel like it looks hideous or I get bored with it. I think I will get better in Spring semester. I think the problem is just that I have been learning drawing and sketching techniques and not coloring techniques, so I don't feel like posting any actual pictures right now.

I also really like traditional art and feel like I am having more fun doing that than digital. My lines on the computer are just aren't as clean as when I draw traditionally. My camera doesn't have any batteries in right now so no pictures of that.

That's due to some laziness...just don't feel like looking for batteries/going out in the cold to buy some batteries.

I have been working on my comic though! But I feel stressed out by it because I think it looks like crap and when I come to that conclusion then I can't get myself to draw the next page even though I keep telling myself 'You just need to do it, you will get better later' And it takes me sooo long to do a page...;m; Actually, that's not true. Depending on my mood it'll take me anywhere from 20 minutes to the entire day.

I am not patient when it comes to art. All the stuff you see in my portfolio has been done in under 10 hours. After 10 hours I just give up. I need to get over that, but meh...too much effort.

I have 20 more pages to do and 10 more pages to clean up. And I haven't even put the text and sfx much work. I wanted to finish by christmas, but that's not happening.

Also my arm has been hurting a lot. I am wondering if it's because of the cold weather or that I have been using it too much to draw manga. I don't feel like I've been using it that much...O.o; It just really I've just been playing pokemon.

I got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire as a present during the holiday that my family celebrates instead of Christmas. I also got Persona 4, but I'm afraid to play it 'cause my house has no sound proofing and the voice acting in those games embarrass the heck out of me...Also the music is mostly rap and it's just and awkward game to play in front of my family. Also Pokemon Alpha Sapphire~! *3* I'm just gonna do everything in that game 'cause there is so much to do and so much I know how to do unlike some other games where it just sounds like overwhelming amount of work to do and I don't care that much, but Alpha Sapphire is coming from my childhood. If I complete that then I would feel like I did a service to my childhood.

So I've been attached to that game and can't get myself to do anymore manga pages...;orz

I just need one punch man or some manga to update so I can get inspired by some mangoes instead of video games.

I'd show you guys a preview of it, but I can't find a page that is good on it's own...which is also a problem...guhhh...blahh...Just want to get this over with, but my hand won't do it. I keep making scribble-y messes which don't make any sense and just make the page look ugly instead of drawing what I have as an outline...blahhh...

I also got some stuff for doing manga traditionally. I got mango paper, pen nibs, and ink. What am I missing here? The pen handle! I can't do anything 'cause I just have nibs and not handle...guhh...I also got some grey toned prismacolor markers which I plan to use instead of tones. Can't really replace tones with markers, but it'll give a slightly more fuller look them and tones are COMPLETELY necessary even though they make me feel better.

I am leaving next Monday to go spend some time with distant family members so I would like to get my stuff done by then, but that's probably not going to happen.

I've also been trying to make SFX that are japanese, but I am having a hard time finding japanese equivalents for what I want to say. Actually...I think half of my sfx aren't even real, they just sound like how I think something sounds...I also want to translate this into japanese and post it on pixiv.

I was wondering, though, when I finish this chapter, should I post it all at once, one page per week, a few pages per week, or what?

I have about 45 pages (I think, again, 20-or so aren't drawn yet).

The last of my pages are in color and I can't tell if that means it won't take as long or it'll take longer...probably the latter...Mehh. But they are action so I won't have to worry about the lineart which stresses me out the most. It's just every line I try to make ends up being squiggly, unlike traditionally. Nobody notices the squiggliness on paper, but on the computer it's just sooo so obvious. Maybe it has something to do with my pressure sensitivity, maybe its up too high...O.o;

Welp, that's what's been going on. Just a lot of working on manga and ignoring these websites 'cause I'm lazy.

I am gonna take an Anime and Manga class for my school's winter term which I am excited about since it's my favourite professor and a class that I really really care about, but I think it'll mainly be analysis rather than creation...I worry about how much homework there will be 'cause my friends took this last year and they told me that it had soo much homework, but I think the crazy amount of homework they were talking about was making manga, which I understand, but I have gotten to the point where it doesn't take me too long to do 10 pages, but it takes me forever to do 45 pages ('cause I run out of stamina). I guess it just takes more practice.

I'm just disappointed 'cause I planned on finishing this webcomic quick enough to work on some other comics that I planned on working on and that's just not happening...also I don't have a nib holder! ;m; So I won't be working on those comics anyway....


Le gasp!

So'p (new word, just brings about the feels of right, and welp isn't a word either'p)

I haven been on here in FOREVER!

I feel so bad, just when I was complaining about nobody being on here...;m;

My excuse is just school...

And also that I like to look at all the stuff in my feed and also commenting on it if I can, but I subscribe to too many people to be able to do that..;orz Eventually it becomes overwhelming, especially with homework.

So I have been ignoring theO once that stuff started piling up and I had so much homework...

I opened up Chromium today to find that all my tabs were closed...sooooooo...By reflex I just logged on here again and I feel so bad that it even got that bad! ;m;

Not only that but I was reading multiple let's plays and now I don't know where I am in the let's plays! ;m; NUUUU

I think I will just go over a few things in my feed...Sorry if I don't get to anything you probably actually care about and missed a lot of stuff or something...I blame school...

Also I still haven't finished the first chapter of that manga I be talking about. 'cause I am sooo freaking lazy..blah...I keep moving the deadline. Also homework. It's not really my priority right now 'cause homework....and when I was trying to work on homework, comics, and dance it got really stressful so I had to no be so strict. I have half of it done, and I realized the action scenes are really bad so I have been researching and studying actions scenes from manga to figure out how to make it better.

Biggest problem I am facing is that my art style keeps changing for each page...;m; STAHP IT MEEE...;M;

Right now I am sick....with something....My friend had mono, and I hope I don't have mono either...but ya never know. I don't share food or water with anyone so it's very unlikely...

Welp, I'll go get on that looking through my feed thing...but I will probably have terrible comments 'cause I have a terrible headache and feel all loopy and dizzy...Had a presentation today that I have been worrying about for weaks and just did something then. Dunno if I even spoke in English...

Also wanna play some vidya games....>3>

Oh and Psycho Pass recently has been INSANE! ;M;