About me: I have been known to be somewhat of a "hothead", but don't let that stop you from getting to know me! I am very freindly, and I absolutly love everyone! I am almost always found with a sketch book and a friend. I do tend to worry about things that I probably shouldn't worry about, and I run myself into walls. but I will be the best friend you could ever hope to find. so please, don't be nervous to talk to me!

anime: Fullmetal Alchemist /B/, Kamichama Karin/chu/,Tsubasa:resivior chronicle, xxxHolic,Deadman Wonderland,Hetalia,Baccano! ect.
Manga:kamichama karin/chu.,FMA,Tsubasa,Fruits Basket,Sailor moon,Hetalia,+Anima,ect
Manga artist: Koge-Donbo
Music Genre: Classic Rock
Bands:The Beatles,REO Speedwagon,Paul Simon,Electric Lights Orchestra,STYX, Queen,Super Junior,Nickleback (so many good ones)
Song: you know, I have so many, I can't possibly name them all...
Character:Zack Fair, Michiru Nishikiori, Sokka, Ed Elric,
Actor: Robert Downy Jr., Vic Mignogna (does he count?)
Video Game: Final Fantasy VII (Crisis core)
Gaming system:DSi,PSP,Nintendo64
Animal: cat, dog(I am one, personallity wise)
Food: everything...almost
Movie:Final Fantasy: Advent Children complete, Brother Bear,Lilo+Stitch,Sherlock Holmes,Pokemon:the 1st movie,Spirited away, Tales from Earthsea,

~Other info~
Age: like on my profile, i am 15
Eye Color: Hazel
Name: Samantha
Nicknames: Sammi, Sam,(Zack),Sammi-san (thanks deanna)
Occupation: *laughs*
Schooling: High School
Random Quirks: I have Glasses, Cloustrophobic

so yeah...that is me. the true me. I would never lie on the internet about anything, it's just part of who I am. if you ever have any reason to doubt me, feel free to slap me in the face.
I love being a nerd. I simply love anime.
and I simply love my friends

My Friends~
NadjaWolf~Iamthebeatles~Lei Chan~Hanaro Souhi~inufluffy12~Pretzels~KittyPerson9001~mb15184~
Alphonse13~Natsuki Lotus~that fro kid~

“I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people.”
-John Lennon


I am having a FANTASTIC *forgive my Doctor Who* week.
I am pleased to announce, I am now the holder of a new Drivers' licence! Yay! now I don't have to stay home all the time!~ woop. woop, woop!

Lately, I haven't had anything to draw, so I have just went with my gut and did whatever I felt like...but lately, requests have been pouring in from everywhere! It fills me with joys.

requests and projects~

  • Aizen for Donnie/Rebekah
  • Zelda and Link for Tigeatoray
  • something to send in the mail to Maggie
  • (on the top of my priority list) Nautical themed wall art for my sister's friend, Erin
  • that super-huge going away present for my sister.
  • and I am probably forgetting some stuff, so remind me if I promised you something.

speaking of which, you guys really need to help me out. I am going to be starting a challenge soon. My sister is going off to college starting this semester, so I only have about two months left with her...my plan is to fill a scrapbook with pictures of us (and the rest of my family) but here is the catch, it's all going to be drawn or created. (digitally or traditionally) I don't just want pictures of us, also things she likes! Sailor moon, Doctor Who, Little Mermaid, etc. I want her to have something to take with her off to SVSU. so for my challenge, I would like all of the people here on the O to help me by creating something. I feel kind of selfish, but, I really want this to be big.

On another note, I have seen Despicable me 2! My family LOVES cartoons, so it was only a matter of time that we'd go to see it. I want Flash player, because I have a wonderful Idea for a flash dress up game, where you create your own minion! XD I made my sister make one, which I named "Phillis" It was difficult putting all the things she requested on one doodle. but fun.
I was inspired by the movie to make this thing.

one of Agnes' lines is (speaking about Gru's bald head) "I just imagine little chicks popping out, Cheep, cheep cheep!"
It was late, and this was the resulting image.

well, have a good day everyone! stay in summer, don't do drugs, and eat lots of nutella.

Secret santa 2012!

I am so excited to be a part of another secret santa!!
well, I suppose I should start! >:D

onto my wishlist~ :3
ermmm. i am not very good at these, i suppose! XD
*sits on your lap*
hi santa, I have been a good girl this year!
*grabs out list*

  • maybe A kamichama karin christmas scene, with the characters sharing a long scarf. like this!<3
  • something with a city! I love lights and snow together! maybe with vocaloids @u@
  • hrmmm...maybe my OC Kaigee
  • something for my friend, Eryn. she moved to Flordia, and I won't be able to get her anything for christmas...T^T so maybe me giving her a huge hug! >u<

    and here is me.

thank you santa!
I love you!!

happy holidays!~~

~Secret santa wish!~ :3

hi secret santa!
there isn't much on my list this time
but if anytnhing here.
*sorry i am doing this pretty fast, i have a LOT to do today.*

it would be cute to get a picture of edxwinery from Fullmetal Alchemist
or maybe your virson of 2 of my oc's
Nozomi and Hotaru. <3 thay are cute!
really, i like anything kamichama karin or fullmetal alchemist realted (micchi and Ed are my 2 favorite characters EVER!*
hope i did this right!
~see you around!~
*gives you cookie*