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Lux: Hey there ladies and gents! My name is Lux and I'm a Luxray Gijinka if you couldn't tell already. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies *winks*. Also to the other dudes out there, its nice to meet cha! Moving on, feel free to hang around here and look around since this is my own little world.

Xio: Did you forget that I am here as well Luxy-boy? Indeed you did, so let me introduce myself. *bows* My name is Xio and I am also a Luxray as well but a dark one. I am pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy yourselves in "our" world.

Lux: Yeah yeah! "Our" world but nevertheless everyone, please make yourself at home since we both will be making frequent updates here. Later all!

-Xio & Lux-

~coming soon~

Both of the Luxrays

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Lux The Luxray: The Lovable Nerd Jock
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Xio The Dark Luxray: The Sadistic Conniving Gentleman
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Xio's English Voices

Xio's English voice is Robert McCollum who does a lot of voices and then watching a certain character I realized this guy was more accurate to Xio!!! :) This is Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma....he's the brown haired guy. ...

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Australian Lingo....

Xio: So since Krory decided to make fun of me as the so called "Grumpy Cat" I think it's about time we make fun on the speech impediment that you have going on Krory! You realize payback really is a bitch, but in your case....*grins*...nevermind.....

Krory: *invades the lair* OAO' Bloody hell Xio! Yoos bastard!!!

Xio: So is this what you do with Haxlia as well.....

Krory: NAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW >////.////< How cruel!!! BLOODY CRUEL MATE!!!

Xio: *shrugs and walks off*

Just Die....xD

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The sexy badass overload....I can die happy looking at my Luxray gijinka Xio >/////w////<


Lux: Yeah you know you want me! *grins* You know I will make you purr! You want in? *nods* Any takers? Come on ladies!!! *smug smirk* ...

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Lux: GAHHHH!!! *running around room frantic* SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! What the hell kind of dream was that????

Seriously like, GAHHHH!!! I freaking made out with Shupple and....I liked it....But she belongs to Arc.....*flops on the ground and rolls around*....OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.....not right not right at all....what the hell kind of dream was that....bros before hoes....but Shupple isn't a hoe....she's my ghosty....

*kicks feet up and runs at a wall and starts banging head against it* I have to get this out of my mind....DAMN IT!! I.....*looks at mirror* WHY AM I BLUSHING!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *emotional wreck*

*throws self over a bed and flops on floor* Arc....is...going to kill me.....I don't even know why I dreamt that.....WHY STUPID HORNY MIND WHY!?!?!? *starts punching self in head* GAAAHHHHH!!! Stop thinking about your best friend....that's all she is.....but.....*thinks of her and how they cuddled in the hospital*.....

o_o.....O.o ...... o.O..... O.O......OAO.......O//////////A//////////O"

DAMN IT ALL!!! I don't know what to do right now.....*curls up in a ball and rocks back and forth* Oh nooooooo.......I seriously need to get laid......>3>.....*thinks about dream*....

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I can't handle anymore of this....I am jumping off a cliff again......DON"T TRY AND STOP ME!!!! ;A;

*melt down phase*