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Lux: Hey there ladies and gents! My name is Lux and I'm a Luxray Gijinka if you couldn't tell already. Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you ladies *winks*. Also to the other dudes out there, its nice to meet cha! Moving on, feel free to hang around here and look around since this is my own little world.

Xio: Did you forget that I am here as well Luxy-boy? Indeed you did, so let me introduce myself. *bows* My name is Xio and I am also a Luxray as well but a dark one. I am pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy yourselves in "our" world.

Lux: Yeah yeah! "Our" world but nevertheless everyone, please make yourself at home since we both will be making frequent updates here. Later all!

-Xio & Lux-

~coming soon~

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Xio The Dark Luxray: The Sadistic Conniving Gentleman
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No Inspiration

I figured I would post this here for all my OCs, Lux, Xio, and Krory, I honestly have NO inspiration to type a post. Everytime I bring myself to type, I can't figure anything out. I just can't find my inspiration and I am sorry, but the posts so far haven't given me that excitement that I have needed to post for my characters.

I suppose you can call me in a rutt....I can't dig myself out since I just am not happy and can't seem to find a way to start a post. Honestly I think Lux right now is only one who can bring me out of my lack of posts but I need to know what is going on with Arc and Saikat....because Lux is my personality and I just need him back to bring back Xio and Krory....

I need help....any ideas how to dig yourself out of this hole????

I need Lux, Xio, and Krory back in my life...

Posting Soon

Obviously I will posting soon for Lux again! Why? Well because many of you are hanging and want to know the position between Tanner, Lux, and Estelle! HELL! I want to know as well so I am writing a post to make sure Nae has to reveal it so Anime and I aren't hanging anymore! ;A;

And this post is very different then usual, its sad, thoughtful, and well shall I say suspenseful! I refuse to give details!

Oh and I am trying to include some new characters so here goes nothing! The post shall be up tomorrow since I have to finish the conversation between Lux and Estelle and I have no idea what to type as of yet!!! ;3


Lux: Enough said....*grins*

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Going to Post


It's so damn dead around here. Such a bore really, but if death is in the air, at least there could be some blood spill around, but no I do not catch the scent of blood in the air at all.

Pity really. I would have rather enjoyed it. *smirks*

Regardless, Afton has assured me that she will have my post up tonight which should bring some life back to PGR however, I promise Glyph and Rai are NOT out of the clear. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with.

*bows* Until then, farewell.


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Lux here! So you have all seen these pictures of us guys who qualified for the sexiest in PGR. I can't deny that these pictures are great but I have to point out a few things out from Artgrrl's photo of us. I mean look at us dashing men in our swimming trunks, don't they just catch our personality? Hah! You know we all have flashy styles like mine for instance happens to be electrical with the strips, Arc as a strike of black down his, and Rai has a lightning volt. Our retro suits are awesome but no shark, whale, jellyfish, or stringray should mess with our manly hood. Those Tentacools and Mantine are real problems but they will flee at my sexy abs HAHAHAHAHA!!! Just look, the ladies swoon at me!

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Now as we look at the ladies, each of them has their own kind of beauty for their suits. Why must they be so lovely? They are a princess for each of their own themes such as Haxlia a mature and diva like women, Estelle as a lovely and graceful lady, and Shupple....well...*chuckles nervous laugh*....she is more like the alluring dark mistress. GAH HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?! O/////A/////O Well either way ladies, you are all smoking! You can come swim with us, maybe body boarding? I mean Arc won't go into the water so he will be a bore, and Rai well he's too timid! So come swim with me a MAN!!! >8D Hahahaha! Totally, I am winning!!!