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Welcome to my world, everyone!

Let me introduce myself. *bow* I have a secret crush on....myself. JK I love myself, but not so much that I become a narcissus. xD

I am a high school student, who has a tendency to constantly fall asleep in class. And when not sleeping, playing on my itouch. My teachers don't mind as I am one of the top students in all my classes. :D I hope it stays that way when I start being able to take AP classes next year!

I love making wallpapers/ecards. Anything digital and not related to me having to draw. My drawings usually end in disasters. >.>

That's about all I can say for myself. :P Anyways, enjoy your time here!

Maji Love 1000% Medley Video!

So, I made a new video, combining almost ALL the songs in Maji Love 1000%. So far, I didn't get any warning emails, so let's hope this one stays up! Hope you all like it!

ITS UP!!!!

YAY! I've finished subbing another song! This time's request that I subbed was a song from Maji Love 1000%. The person never specified WHICH song, so I chose one that hasn't been subbed yet- My Sweetest Love. It's not the full version cause I couldn't find the full version. Check it out, everyone! :]

I hope this one doesn't get blocked. I've taken precautions just in case, but you never know!